Bloggers That Inspire You

Hello, my name is Bridgette~ and I am new to WordPress. If you have followed my blogs and my WordPress site, then I would like the opportunity to express my gratitude. Thank You. For each and every one of you, you inspire me, and motivate me, to continue on this journey.

It is healthy to be motivated and inspired. I have taken a new liking to reading, as I have always struggled to finish hard copy books. I find it much more easier to read blogs, perhaps its because I tend to have a short attention span.

So with this in mind, I was wondering which bloggers inspire you, and why. I am asking because perhaps you could lead the way for me, and other blog readers out there on an inspiring path. I think it would be fun and very motivating.

If you would like to participate in this blog, of “Bloggers That Inspire You,” would you mind leaving a comment and a link to their blogs. I feel like this is a great way to motivate and inspire this WordPress community!

You see, by doing this, I believe we can all help each other out by getting our blogs seen!

Thank you,


To Be Here is to be Blessed!

I just wanted to say, that I feel so blessed to be here on WordPress! This is a totally different platform for me, and I find that exciting, and inviting. WordPress is allowing me, and you to connect on levels of our interest, instead of the usual, who we know. We are all unique individuals, yet some of us, share common interest from all around the world.

I enjoy reading your blogs, your thoughts, your stories. Each one of you bring something into my life everyday! You give me things to think about, and help me along on my journey. I appreciate that very much so. Some of you even educate me on things I know nothing about, you give me peeks into your world, and it expands mine. Another thank you. And some of you, express your sadness, while others express hope and joy. These two in themselves, help me feel human.

So to all of YOU out there, keep on keeping on! For what you write, is a gift and I am so grateful we are all here. Thank you, WordPress, for bringing us all together!


I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 


Thank you for your encouragement and support!