Homemade Energy Bars Great for Hikers

It’s getting to be that time of year when hiking can be much more enjoyable with cooler weather. Fall is just around the corner and soon we will be experiencing the fabulous color changes of the trees leaves to pretty oranges and reds. I love to hike this time of year and to keep it more enjoyable what better way than to bring along some fabulous treats especially those that can provide you with more energy to keep you going.

These homemade energy bars are a favorite of mine because you can make them yourself and they keep fresh in zip lock bags. The key ingredients are peanut butter, rice crispies, oats, coconut, peanuts, marshmallows, and raisins. How could you possibly go wrong with all that?

I have included a link to my Etsy shop for the recipe. It is a digital download. The price for it is low, and well worth it.

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