Fictional Romance Chapter 2 Part 3

I’m not sure just how long I was asleep in my bed, when I heard the sound of Monica and Jet coming in through the front door, when a bright light from the living room lamp flickered on and seeped, through my cracked bedroom door. I could see what appeared to be a suitcase in Jet’s hands. I briefly sighed, rolled over and tried to get back to sleep when a strange feeling of jealously hit me.

He looked good, even better than I had remembered as the t shirt he wore, fit him nicely. Whatever he had in that suitcase must be heavy has it had a way of bulging out his tanned muscles. I can taste him again, and feel the strength in his fingertips has he pulled my hair back that night. The way his lips were soft yet firm on my mouth I begin to yearn for as I lay there remeniscing.

If only I would have stayed that night around the camp fire, perhaps things might be different. Maybe I would be the one, laughing and giggling and cuddling up to him every night. What is wrong with me? Why do I insist on being so distant from everyone? Haven’t I learned anything from the old people I take care of? Life is short and I know it. Perhaps I need to let go of the idea that every one will eventually leave me.

As I get up and pull on my jeans to go to the bathroom, I attempt to forgive myself. If only dad was here, and my brother Joe. Funny how even mom crosses my mind. I was her only girl and instead of letting her dress me up in dresses, I hated her for it.

As I head on into the bathroom in the hallway, Monica quickly grabs my attention.

“Hey Savanah?” “Do you think you could help us out tomorrow and use your truck to get the rest of Jet’s stuff?” Monica asked with a smile.

Before I can answer, Jets steps into the conversation.

“My brother is coming in from California tomorrow to help, but he won’t have a truck or anything, our grandparents usually pick him up from the airport in Wentsworth.”

I give Jet a quick nod yes, and go about into the bathroom. Zipping up my pants I open the door, and continue with, “You two can borrow my truck, but I have to work tomorrow, so it will be afterwards.”

“Thanks Savanah, your a life saver, “ Monica replies.

I close my bedroom door, with a smile, barely looking at the two of them snuggled up on the couch. Filled with so many mixed emotions, I try to shake it off. Once again, Monica never looked so happy has she does tonight. I should be grateful I guess.

Grasping onto my pillow, I give it one quick squeeze, as a small tear starts to find its way down my cheek. It could have been me. I could have been happy in love. Instead I’m laying here in my bed alone, again.

I look over at the time, and its only 10:30 pm. Geeze. This is a long night already. I better get some sleep. I hear the sound of faint giggles, and close my eyes.

Morning comes sooner than expected. With my alarm blazing, I reach over and hit the button. I do not want to get up and I find myself forcefully moving my legs out from underneath the covers. Their is a sense of chill in the air. I guess fall is really here.

I notice the house is empty as Monica works the early shift at the diner. As for Jet, I do not know what it is he does. I never asked, and quite frankly its none of my business. As long as he pays his share of the bills thats what will matter. Perhaps my rent will go down, and I can finally afford some time off and go visit my brothers that I have been missing.

I make my usual oatmeal with raisins and put a lot of cinnamon in it. For some reason the smell of it, isn’t quite as appeasing as it is usually. I eat it anyway as my stomach begins to growl and beg for some.

I grab a jacket and the truck keys and my phone begins to ring. I notice its the nursing home.


“Savanah? This is Marjorie from work, do you think you could work a double shift today, Tonya has already called in, I guess she has the Corona virus, so we need you?”

“What, how did she get that? We haven’t seen much of it here.”

Before I can continue, Marjorie buts into my thoughts and conversation.

“I know dear, but she’s thinking she got it while she was visiting her family last week.”

“Oh okay, well sure, no problem.” I replied. I hang up the phone, and take a drag off my cigarette, as I’m waiting for truck to warm. I quickly realize now, that I will be unable to help Monica and Jet move has I had promised last night. I guess I will stop off at the diner before work and let Monica know.

As I pull into the drive at the diner I notice Jet sipping some coffee through one of the windows. So this is where he is. As I head on into the diner I notice Monica is busy with some costomers.

“Jet?” I quietly say with a brief smile.

“Why goodmorning Savanah, its a pleasure seeing you here this morning.” Jet returns the smile.

“I was just letting you two know, that I have to stay after work today and work a double shift so I wont be able to help with the move.” As I pull back on my hair, “I do have a spare key to my truck, and I can just leave it with you so you two can still use it, just be sure and bring the truck back so I can get back home. Is that okay?” as I try to hide my hands from fidgetting.

“Yes, Savanah, that will be great, thank you. “ Jet replies while he takes another sip from his coffee.

I lay the key on the table and take a quick turn out of the diner. I can see from the distance the obvious confusion on Monica’s face, but I hurridly have to go in order to not be late for work.

You see, that wasn’t so bad, I tell myself. Everything is going to be just fine. “Just fine.” I mutter to myself, as I drive away.

Fictional Romance


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Fictional Romance Chapter 2 Part 1

It’s early Monday morning and two weeks has past since that dreadful night I spent in his arms. I have somehow managed to avoid Monica and Jet has the two of them have been hanging out relentlessly. A brief phone call from my favorite brother Joe has been warming as usual as he has a tendency to routinely check in on me from time to time.

I no longer work at the diner at the edge of town with Monica. My job now days is at the small nursing home facility where I get to listen to the elderly tell their stories. I find it quite appeasing, but sometimes my heart gets softened when I am holding a hand as they take their last breaths.

You would think that more people would want to spend some time with their parents or grandparents as they lay in bed and count the days until tomorrow never comes. I guess perhaps now days everyone is too busy with their own lives to care about those that no longer serve their purpose. It is a sad place to be in my retrospect to live your whole life only to end it in solitude.

As I check in to my usual nurses station, a strange sense of queeziness to my stomach quickly overwhelmes me. I grab my list of my daily to do’s and head off towards the bathroom. By the time I reach the toilet the sickness fades away. I throw some water on my face, and tend about my day.

Verna is in her usual place in the dining room sitting in her wheelchair, Facing the morning light coming through the only window in the room, she looks at me and smiles.

“How are you today, Savanah?” she asked

“I’m doing okay, how about you, Verna? Anything new?” I say with a returning smile.

“No, just the usual. But I think maybe the winter this year will be coming soon.”

“Oh yeah, why is that Verna?” I asked,

“Because I have been watching the squirrels and they seem awefully busy already. You know you can tell an aweful lot about how bad winter will be if you just watch the animals.”

“Why yes, I have heard about that too, Perhaps later today, I will be able to take you outside, if you feel up to it.”

Verna smiles back in return, and I can sense her joy. Funny how the smallest of things that we often take for granted have a way of bringing delight to those that are unable to do for themselves.

The day quickly goes by and before I know it, its time for me to be heading home. I am caught off guard at the sight of Monica waiting for me in the parking lot.

“Savanah?” Monica says as she is waiting for me by my truck.

“Yes, what is it, is everything alright?” I reply with concern.

“No, Savanah, its not. I’m worried.” Monica says with her voice shaking.

“Why, what’s wrong, Monica?”

“I think I might be pregnant.”

Now standing next to Monica, the sound of my keys hitting the pavement, quickly diverts my attention.

“I am not for sure yet, but I really do think I am!” Monica says while touching herself in her stomach.

“I haven’t felt that great for weeks now, and I really didn’t think anything about it until today, when I noticed I hadn’t had that time of the month.” Monica continues.

“Maybe your just late is all. You know it can happen, its happened to me a time or two. I wouldn’t worry too much about Monica, everything will be alright.”

“No, Savanah. This is different. I’m pretty sure I am.”

“Well, if you are, what are you going to do?” I ask, as I bent down, and picked up my keys.

“I’m not sure, but I know, I don’t want to say anything to Jet or my family, until I find out one way or the other.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t either.” I replied with a hesitant voice.

“Lets just keep it between us, Savanah. Is that okay? I didn’t want to say anything to you, but I needed to get it off my chest. It’s been really bothering me, just thinking about it.”

I told Monica okay, and that I wouldn’t say anything. One quick hug, and she disappeared toward her car. Suddenly I felt what seemed like a good day, grow dim. I couldn’t bring myself to feel anything but more regret.

Fictional Romance


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Fictional Romance Chapter 1 Part 3

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Fictional Romance Part 1 Fictional Romance Part 2

I am no longer interested in peeking through my door to watch Monica and her new found flame. I do not care, and why should I! Look at me like a small child hiding away in my bedroom! Ugh! My thoughts are screaming at me from the inside.

Monica and I have been friends for a while now. We were co workers at a small restaurant here at the edge of town. I did not seem to care for her at first, as I always tended to keep myself at a distance from anyone, male or female. I do not know why I am like I am, its just a preference I am guessing.

I grew up here with three brothers, all much older, and since I was the youngest child and a long awaited girl, I was spoiled you might say. I always disliked my mother as she had a way of trying to push the girly girl style on me, with dresses and bows and out of rebellion of course, I preferred to wear my brothers old hand me down clothes, hence the over sized flannel shirts which adorn most of my wardrobe. I was pretty much a tomboy growing up, and perhaps still one to this day. As a child you could always find me amongst the trees in my tree house or out in the cornfields with a gun in my hand hiding, awaiting my next big hunt a long side my brothers. Our house was filled with deer head trophies, and right in the center was my first hunt trophy which was the biggest out of them all.

My father was okay with me being a tomboy but he always seem to take up with my mother when it came to doing things around the house. I absolutely hated the idea of spending my days inside while everyone else enjoyed the beauty of nature on the outside. My father did recognize this in me, so after a while of my mothers pushing he would always come rescue me from her hold and give me some kind of outside chore to do.

I miss those days when we were all together. It has been years now since since both mom and dad were killed in a roll over accident after a failed attempt to dodge some deer up in the mountains. That was perhaps one of the most tragic years of mine and my brothers lives. Being almost eighteen when it happened and all my brothers out on their own by then, I was left to fend for myself, hence the waitress job at the small restaurant where Monica and I first met.

I managed to stay at my parents home at least long enough to finish my high school education before the county came in and took the estate away from us, to pay for my parents wreckage. That too was a sad day for me and my brothers as we had no means of knowing what to do about the whole situation. After Monica saw me sleeping in my old pick up truck, she must have felt some kind of need to help me out, and offered me room and board at her recently rented home out in the country.

Now days when things get tuff instead of finding me out in my old tree house you can find me sitting on an oversized weathered rock that overlooks the small town in which we live in. I find some peace and quiet here and perhaps some sort of comforting solitude as I forget my troubles and admire the beauty of sunsets.

I miss my brothers but I understand that being here in this town only brings back painful memories of the tragedy of our parents. I only stay here, because I can’t seem to escape the beauty. I only stay here because its all I have ever known.

Fictional Romance


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Fictional Romance Chapter 1 Part 1

If you don’t care to love me, then why am I here? These are the deep seated thoughts that entangle my insides, as he reaches out to grab onto me, hence more. With smoke billowing out towards the moonlight, I purse my lips and take ahold onto the last cigarette butt within my reach. He wants me I know this, but I could care less at this moment for him. Why must I give into his forceful nature, and be who he wants me to be? His boyish good looks, have found my insides, and they are aching for his touch, but instead I deprive myself, I ignore the obvious, stand up, and walk away into the darkness leaving him behind.

The drive home was a long one, only the sounds of hearts breaking playing on the radio. The moon was bright tonight, and it was comforting to know that it was there, for it helped lead the way as the smell of him on my neck lingered in the midnight cool air. It is late September now, and the seasons are beginning to change, the leaves are beginning to transform themselves into a picture perfect façade of oranges and yellows.

I am quickly pulled away from the moments inside my head, as a small female deer lifts her white tail as a warning to the others that danger is near. Not just one deer, but three now are on the edge of the road, glaring into my headlights as I approach with caution. Then as soon as they appeared, they are no more, as they disappear into the thickness of the tall grasses on the side of the road. I sigh in relief, take another drag off my cigarette, and begin the drive home once more.

My phone is silent, and shaking my head, I realize that what we shared was nothing. Perhaps that will be the last of him, and as part of me sighs in relief another part of me feels the shame setting in. Why must I always feel so damn guilty for taking care of my needs? Men do the act all the time and I’ve never seen them hang their head low afterwards so why must I be any different?

I reach the house, and it seems eerie now with the lights out. The gravel on the driveway is the only sound underneath my feet. I manage to peel the flannel shirt that is dangling off my shoulders and let it hit the floor beside my bed. The bed is comforting, yet bigger now, as I lay their alone. Tears well up inside my usual dry eyes, and trickle like a slow river down my cheek. I am all I need, or so it is that I tell myself, as I quietly drift off to sleep.

The End-or is it?

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