Fictional Romance Chapter 1 Part 3

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I am no longer interested in peeking through my door to watch Monica and her new found flame. I do not care, and why should I! Look at me like a small child hiding away in my bedroom! Ugh! My thoughts are screaming at me from the inside.

Monica and I have been friends for a while now. We were co workers at a small restaurant here at the edge of town. I did not seem to care for her at first, as I always tended to keep myself at a distance from anyone, male or female. I do not know why I am like I am, its just a preference I am guessing.

I grew up here with three brothers, all much older, and since I was the youngest child and a long awaited girl, I was spoiled you might say. I always disliked my mother as she had a way of trying to push the girly girl style on me, with dresses and bows and out of rebellion of course, I preferred to wear my brothers old hand me down clothes, hence the over sized flannel shirts which adorn most of my wardrobe. I was pretty much a tomboy growing up, and perhaps still one to this day. As a child you could always find me amongst the trees in my tree house or out in the cornfields with a gun in my hand hiding, awaiting my next big hunt a long side my brothers. Our house was filled with deer head trophies, and right in the center was my first hunt trophy which was the biggest out of them all.

My father was okay with me being a tomboy but he always seem to take up with my mother when it came to doing things around the house. I absolutely hated the idea of spending my days inside while everyone else enjoyed the beauty of nature on the outside. My father did recognize this in me, so after a while of my mothers pushing he would always come rescue me from her hold and give me some kind of outside chore to do.

I miss those days when we were all together. It has been years now since since both mom and dad were killed in a roll over accident after a failed attempt to dodge some deer up in the mountains. That was perhaps one of the most tragic years of mine and my brothers lives. Being almost eighteen when it happened and all my brothers out on their own by then, I was left to fend for myself, hence the waitress job at the small restaurant where Monica and I first met.

I managed to stay at my parents home at least long enough to finish my high school education before the county came in and took the estate away from us, to pay for my parents wreckage. That too was a sad day for me and my brothers as we had no means of knowing what to do about the whole situation. After Monica saw me sleeping in my old pick up truck, she must have felt some kind of need to help me out, and offered me room and board at her recently rented home out in the country.

Now days when things get tuff instead of finding me out in my old tree house you can find me sitting on an oversized weathered rock that overlooks the small town in which we live in. I find some peace and quiet here and perhaps some sort of comforting solitude as I forget my troubles and admire the beauty of sunsets.

I miss my brothers but I understand that being here in this town only brings back painful memories of the tragedy of our parents. I only stay here, because I can’t seem to escape the beauty. I only stay here because its all I have ever known.

Fictional Romance


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Fictional Romance Chapter 1 Part 2

I am awakened by the sound of small giggles and the stumbling around in the living room. “Ah geeze, it must be Monica, my roommate bringing home yet another hot date of hers!” Sigh. I guess some people are just lucky or stupid. I hear her bedroom door shut, and more sounds of laughter, that quickly fade into the sounds of obvious love making. I do not want to hear this right now, so I cover my ears and try to fall asleep once more.

The suns light shining through my windows and the sounds of birds chirping awaken me. I look over and its half past eleven. I do not want to move, for the bed has found some sort of comfort to my withering soul but my stomach is yearning for some food. Ugh! Flipping the covers off of me, I wrestle my feet to the floor. If I must, I guess breakfast will be on the making.

The smell of crisp brown bacon now lingers in the air. Bacon has become one of my favorites for a while now. Sucking down the last of the orange juice I am startled by the sound of Monica’s bedroom door opening, and in appears no other than the guy with the boyish face. What the hell? Was I not enough?

One look at me and his boyish face quickly fades away, following him is Monica with her dark coal black hair all a mess. His t-shirt adorns her physically fit vibrant body. I am so taken back by all this that I stand up and push my chair in forcefully. One quick hush with his finger placed over his lips and I walk back into my bedroom. I can not believe this. No wonder why he didn’t call.

I hear the sound of his voice and more annoying laughter coming from the kitchen. As I stand their peeking through my half cracked door, I see the both of them with Monica sitting on his lap on the kitchen chair. I can not believe what is happening right now. I never saw Monica at the party out in the woods where him and I found ourselves earlier in the night.

I slam my shaky body back onto my bed disgusted with the whole situation. Shall I just wait here until he leaves? Should I dare tell Monica what we did? No, I must not! Let her find out the hard way just how he is! Typical, just typical, men!

I must have fallen back to sleep, when I heard the sound of a car driving away which awoke me. Peeking through my curtains I see the both of them together driving down our long driveway and disappearing past the tall surrounding trees. I sit at the edge of my bed, alone once more.

I grab some clean fresh clothes and head into the shower. Grabbing the soap I wash the scent of him away! Scrubbing forcefully with tears streaming down my face, I grab onto the shower walls and embrace them. Oh what I wouldn’t give to erase the night! Oh what I wouldn’t give to erase me! Such a hollow feeling of who I am only brings on more hatred for what I have become.

Another secret left to hold inside my mind. Another friend that I must not betray! Perhaps for her too it is just another fling! Perhaps we both will never see him again after this day! My thoughts continue to race, there is no stopping them.

Evening sets in as I flip the channels on the tv remote. I can not recall watching a single thing. I began to laugh at myself for taking this situation too seriously. It is nothing, perhaps this happens all the time! My laughter quickly ends as I hear the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway. One look out through the window and I see the both of them again in Monica’s car.

I fade away into my bedroom once more, closing the door behind me.

Fictional Romance

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