Keto Mocha Frappuccino

Hi there! I don’t know about you, but I just love iced coffee, especially this one, Mocha Frappuccino. I have been so busy today here in Oklahoma working on a rent house and tearing a wall down. Fun! Fun! I have really worked up an appetite! I tried this recipe yesterday, just to see how easy it was, and if it really tasted like the ones you buy at the coffee shops! Yes, it’s easy, and YES it taste just like the ones you buy! So today, I thought I would share this recipe to you for all you iced coffee lovers! Here it is!

Makes 1

Prep time 2 minutes


2/3 cup strongly brewed coffee, chilled

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/4 cup heavy cream

1 cup ice

1 1/2 tablespoons cocoa powder

2 tablespoons swerve sweetener


Put all the ingredients in a small blender and blend until smooth, top with Almond Milk Redi Whip! Crumble toppings on if you would like!


Nutrition info:

calories: 232 total fat: 23.3 g

carbohydrates 6.7 g fiber 3 grams

Now I have to get back to work!

Enjoy your Saturday!


I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 


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Gracie’s Troubles

My dog Gracie has been forever changed since she swallowed a pair of my socks a few months ago. Her stomach is weak and despite her eating her regular dog food, she has a tendency to get sickly often. For me personally this is not a good thing because I tend to get ill feeling as well at the sound of anything vomiting.

So here I sit with my stomach rolling because Gracie woke me up getting sick. 😦

All these troubles make me think about our own mistakes that we make in our lives and how they can affect us throughout our lives. Sometimes we do something to ourselves without realizing the life long consequences it has on us and others.

Their is nothing I can do at this point to change what happened to Gracie. Now days I just have to adjust how I take care of her, and try to manage her weak stomach as well as mine. I never imagined just how high maintenance this all would be however, as I have to constantly monitor what she puts in her mouth.

I have also never had to deal with a dog trying to eat paper as well. I’m not sure if it is something she is craving or if it is just her being mischievous as I discover a half chewed up folder in the office that was holding some paperwork.

Whatever the case may be, her loving, out going full of energy personality has not changed. Gracie will be a year old next month and weighs about 65 pounds now. However, her stomach area where she had to have surgery back when this all happened has changed in appearance. She looks like a mixed racing dog instead of a full filled out lab. But that is okay with me, I love her anyway.

I hope Gracie gets to live a full happy life despite the consequences of her actions that have forever changed her. I hope that we as people get to live our lives happy as well, even though we have made some life changing bad choices. It’s all in the perspective of how we learn to adapt and overcome.

This is my blog for today, and I hope you all have a wonderful week.

My dog, Gracie


Gracie’s Walks

My dog, Gracie

I think its important during our hectic daily lives that we should always take some time out for our pets. We should give them a chance to explore nature, and the great outdoors, to give them some type of release of all their pent up energy as well.

No matter what size of dog we have, it’s good to let them explore and smell the world. It is also a healthy walk for us if we simply take the time. Good quality exercise and a time out from life never hurt anyone.

My dog, Gracie, always gets excited when she sees me grab the keys and or her leash. She heads to the door, and sits down patiently, all the while wagging her tail with the look of excitement. If only she could talk, I could imagine she’s telling me, “hurry up now, I’m waiting!”

I have been fortunate enough to find Gracie the perfect spot not far from town to let Gracie run free. It is during these moments when I watch Gracie take off in a full blown run, that I sense her smile. If only dogs could laugh and yell out loud, I’m sure she would.

Gracie being a retriever, has learned well, and is totally devoted to go after what ever you throw and bring it back to you. Her favorite though, is when you throw sticks into the water. Always anxious to please, she will in no doubt swim with all her might, and come out gracefully. Her paws are webbed just for such the occasion. Chasing grasshoppers has also become a delight as well.

Gracie is doing better these days since the time she swallowed a pair of my socks. She has managed to regain her weight and then some. Although her stomach will never be the same as it was prior to the event, she still wants everything, including paper. I hope someday this will change, but being a dog, perhaps its only wishful thinking, as I found her just yesterday sneaking into the office, and tearing into crumpled up paper. 😦

Gracie still remains one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I only wish I could take her with me everywhere. As work continues to be done on our remodels I have to leave her behind. As I tell her goodbye, and head out to the job, my heart fills with compassion as she chases me down the fence line of her pen that we have built so she can be outdoors. As I fade away down the street I wonder how long she waits and looks forward to our next walk.

My Dog Gracie


In Between My Time

In between my time, is a phrase I have coined, extending back to the days when I often felt lost on the inside, usually after some type of loss. This loss was usually related to a change in what was the norm, to something, that was going to be a new way of life, a new type of living without what was. I was no longer in the old place surrounded by comfort, I was not in the new place feeling comfort, I was somewhere in between.

When I mention the word comfort, the meaning does not necessarily reflect that, because you can be in an abusive relationship, an unstable home, etc., for a length of time, and anything other than that, can cause you to feel uncomfortable. Another words, if you have grown use to living in chaos, then being ejected into a peaceful atmosphere, can be overwhelming to your senses.

My first recollection of this feeling of in between my time, or lostness, was when my father divorced my first stepmother after having been married to her for almost 10 years. My step mother had a son who was only a year and a half older than me, and a handicapped daughter who was a year and half younger than me. I had been the middle child during the relationship for years, and now I was going to be slung back into a life of being the only child. I was completely overwhelmed at the feeling of being alone. Nothing felt right, no one was the same, my world was now completely different.

I know I am not alone in this. This period of our lives, and the feeling of being uncomfortable in our own skin happens when we change jobs, careers, change relationships, move to another location, change schools, get a divorce, lose a pet, lose a family member, etc. Nothing feels right, or comfortable, and the length of time we are in this place, varies for each of us.

I find this time in my life, the most difficult of times. But yet, here I am today, I am alive, so therefore, I made it through. I made it through because I pushed through the uncomfortableness, and that uncomfortableness, began to be comfortable in itself. I adapted.

What we do with ourselves during this time, is crucial to our being. For some they can’t handle it, and they drift into negative living with bad choices. For others, they take more positive actions. Even the smallest step towards positivity can change our lives towards the better. I learned this philosophy while attending a twelve step program for my depression. The phrase, “Keep coming back, it works if you work it,” really does work, if you keep coming back! The reason you keep coming back is because eventually, it will begin to feel comfortable, like a habit.

My hope today, is that no matter where you find yourself at, just know that if you keep taking steps however so little towards where you want to be in life, you will get there eventually. Keep doing what’s right for you, and everything will fall into its place. The uncomfortableness will take on a new shape and create a new beginning. So keep coming back, and work it, and it will work for you! 🙂

Just thoughts


I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 

photo of red rose


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Every Dollar Counts

Let me start by saying that David Ramsey has been a big influence in my life and how I manage my money. David Ramsey is a financial advisor, whom I enjoy watching his podcast on YouTube. I have had the pleasure of listening to his personal story with great enthusiasm. I find it personally entertaining has he too admits that just having a financial degree, did not prevent him from making personal mistakes. He learned his lessons the hard way, by living life. He started with nothing, made a lot of money, and then lost it all. David Ramsey, learned from his mistakes, and currently shares to the world, the to do’s and what not to do’s when it comes to our finances.

One of his concepts is to give every dollar, a purpose, an assignment. In other words, every dollar we have, counts.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a shopping list and come out spending way more than you had anticipated? Absolutely! Have you ever gone to the grocery store with a shopping list, stuck to it, and come out feeling great? Yes! Our money, your money, needs a purpose too!

As I sit here today, looking over my own finances, I was proud to discover that I have been making some headway on paying down my own credit cards! Somehow, with a small income, I have managed to pay off almost $1250 in 3 months and now instead of 4 credit cards, I only have 3!

Seeing the proof that you can be successful even with a small budget to pay off debt is inspiring! I was able to do this, because I too, gave every dollar I had an assignment at the beginning of each month, and made a budget, and stuck to it. If I can do it, so can you!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get my husband on board yet. I do not know why, but hopefully soon, he will catch on. He has a nasty quick shop habit. One of those habits, that he just has to have that high priced drink from the quick shop on the road, instead of waiting until he reaches his destination. For me, I carry a bottle of water for my thirst. And if I want some coffee on the road, I’m smart enough to bring a thermos full.

I find that unplanned spending is our culprit! I hope everyone watches the video so you can be successful too!

Below is the YouTube Video of David Ramsey!

Thank you for reading and watching! Have a wonderful day!

Money Talks


I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 

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Thank you for your encouragement and support!