Scammers In The World We Live In

We all know about the scammers in this world, multiple phone calls from random numbers, horrible text messages, false profiles on Facebook, etc. Scammers have become a routine way of life. I find this very sad and troublesome. We live in an Evil world.

I couldn’t imagine going to work everyday where my job was to call random people and try to steal their information. What kind of people prey on people to steal their identity, and their money? How in the world could you feel good about yourself. Do these people have no conscious?

I personally have experienced multiple phone calls from Rachel informing me that car warranty has expired. Yesterday, I received multiple phone calls from random numbers and I did not answer until it got so bad that I started to wonder if it was a call about one of my children being hurt, so I answered. I was greeted with the other end of the phone informing me that their had been a lawsuit against me and that if I ignored the phone call their would be reprimands so therefore I was to push a number to be transferred to someone to discuss the issue! I was so angry! How can this type of activity exist in a world we live in today, where there are plenty of worries about real emergency situations? I can’t even imagine how an elderly person would feel if they received a phone call like this!

Another type of scam going on is the pornographic text messages being received on cell phones. I would be absolutely terrified if this was going on back when my children were younger. I have no idea how parents are dealing with this situation today.

What is the point of receiving phone calls just so you can say hello, realize its a scam, and then hang up? Are they recording our voices? What are scammers doing with our words? Does anybody really know? If you do know please let me know, cause I would like to know.

Be wary of receiving text that say, thank you for your purchase using Paypal, emails that congratulate you for choosing AT&T, even flyers in the US mail requiring urgent responses, etc. The list is so long, with all the scamming. Be wary people. I do apologize for the rant! It’s an Evil world we live in!

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