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One of my favorite past times is to visit thrift stores. Thrift shopping is like going treasure hunting, because you never know what you might find. To me its better than any other store because they are not selective to just certain brands or certain items; its a mix of anything and everything, from clothing, books, jewelry, art, electronics, and much more.

If your interested in clothing and shoes, I would highly suggest you make a thrift shop stop first. I would much rather pay $4.00 for a shirt than $20+ any day at another store. It is not just about saving money either. I have discovered brand name clothes and shoes that are the most unique in fashion.

Baby items is a good one as well, to shop for. I recently found numerous burping blankets, a brand new pair of newborn shoes, and some little onesies for my new upcoming grandbaby. Might I also mention various toys, maternity clothes, etc., for any mother to be.

I have also found the most interesting pieces of art work in thrift shops. Might I also mention, people often donate lifetime collectable items. One persons trash is another mans treasure.

Now I will say that you can find electronics at thrift stores, but I would highly recommend you test everything out prior to your purchase. Some people donate their broken electronics to thrift stores just so people can use the parts to fix things. I have made some unfortunate purchases in this area where I thought I found a treasure only to find it was trash. So, be wary of what you are looking for in this area.

If you are a book worm, you can find numerous collections of good reads. Thrift stores are my go to book stores when I am looking for interesting books. One day, while visiting a local thrift store, I was fortunate enough to overhear a gentle man inform a thrift store employee that he mispriced a book collection because that certain book collection was worth hundreds of dollars. Don’t you know how my ears perked up on that one. By the time I scrambled around the corner to see which book collection it was, it was already taken off the shelves. Dang! Yes, you would be surprised just how many collectors visit thrift stores too!

In conclusion, no matter where you are, I hope you stop and visit your local thrift stores. While traveling on vacation we found some really nice stores! Bigger cities have numerous thrift stores and its a great adventure going treasure hunting. Also small towns have good ones too because they are most likely to let you bargain with them on price. 🙂 Might I also mention if your needing a place to get rid of some of your stuff, think donate before you throw away!

Thank you for reading, happy hunting!

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My Dish Surprise

A while back, I checked into getting a television provider here for us in the small town we live in. I was met with several dead end roads and was told I was going to have to cut down some trees in order to get a signal. So I put the search off and we continued to watch DVD movies and even had some movies sent to us through the mail. Well, being impatient, I decided to try a few more providers and I came across Dish service.

The Dish service came with a satellite that was going to be hooked to the house and pointed up towards the sky, no need to cut down trees. Awesome! To make it even more delightful Dish had a way of finding us an internet provider that would run a line on our property. Hence now I have internet and now I can write on my computer. Fabulous!

Getting to my point about this blog, is this. A few weeks after our installation I came across a flyer about dish that stated if you were to become a new customer you could get a $300 free debit card! So I made the call!

I am happy to say that Dish honored the flyer even after installation and what a blessing making that call did! I now have a free $300 cash debit card! It doesn’t take much to look around you to find bargains, and to make calls, that will save you money, so get off your butt and do it! I did, and I love it! Clip some coupons, fill out those rebates and save some money! It’s easy!

By the way, If you are in America, I highly recommend Dish Service. Its fabulous! They also offer discounts for being older. They also offer discounts for auto pay!

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