Technical Difficulties

Good morning to all! Just wanted to say, welcome to my site, my blogs! However, I must admit, I am not a whiz when it comes to all the tech stuff that comes with having a website, blog, etc. I should have paid more attention in my computer programming class, way back then. But even way back then, I didn’t get it. Anyways, I wanted to let you know, that I have read other sites, and often wanted to donate to their time, but I keep hitting the error, of using a proxy. I have no idea as to what that means, even researching the term has no meaning. Perhaps I should invite my grandchildren over, to fix the issue. 🙂 I have never seen such a tech advanced generation. Why my 3 year old grandson knows how to operate an x box remote, something I know nothing about. So forgive me, if I wanted to donate, but couldn’t. I’m sure some where along the way, it will slowly come to me how to resolve the issue.

Just thoughts


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