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I’ve been hearing a lot recently about the movie, Stillwater, starring one of my favorite actors, Matt Damon. I heard a good report this morning on the Dan Bongino show as I was getting ready for work today. Dan Bongino was talking about how Matt Damon reported that we ruff necks aren’t bad people like he previously had thought we were. I honestly sort of think this is funny, because I never thought we, Oklahomans were ever some sort of ruff neck culture.

However, being born and raised here in Oklahoma, what do I know about other cultures? I have never been perhaps where you are, so listening to Matt Damon opened my eyes up to this fact, that we Oklahomans are a culture. Their are so many cultures in this world, and subcultures. Just being female is one culture, and being an Oklahoman is another.

During the interview with Dan Bongino, Damon described that he came to Oklahoma and visited the oil rigs, and learned to become one of us, that is, we Oklahomans. He described the men working the oil rigs as being big strong men, and that they had a certain dress code. Damen also described that we traveled a lot because everything here in Oklahoma is pretty far apart. I can see where that is true, because we have a lot of farm country, and small little towns.

Their was also a political take on the interview, saying that we were the true Americans. I guess if we believe in the constitution and the right to bear arms, as set forth by our founding fathers, than he is politically correct. I could go on and on for hours about what this country is doing today, but I won’t at least not now. I do see it slipping away, and the idea of working for a living, is a means for the government to stupify the younger generation by offering hand outs! Yes, I made up that word, but it seems fitting. I have my own children who are willing to be stupified, and its so frustrating.

The point of this blog however, it to open up my own eyes, about different cultures out their in the world. And to realize that perhaps some of my readers who are from other countries, might find good old country living, exciting, or perhaps even something bad. I do not know. One of my followers is from Africa and she was talking about her city being burned. That is something I can not relate to, but I feel for her as I could only imagine what that must feel like personally.

I am grateful Matt Damon, took the opportunity to check out us ruff necks here in Oklahoma. I am also grateful for the fact, that he too, was enlightened about how different cultures, don’t necessarily mean that being different is a bad thing. We are all different in our own ways.

I hope if you get a chance to see the movie, Stillwater, with Matt Damon, you do so. That way you can get a good laugh as to what we rough necks are all about here in Oklahoma. I hope you also find that for most of us here, we believe in what our founding fathers built our country on, and what our flag means to us. We are hard working people, we are farmers, and our work is something we are proud of, it is something we earn with our blood and tears.

I apologize for not including the Dan Bongino show I watched today on Facebook, I could not find it on YouTube. I did find bits and pieces of Matt Damon’s new outlook on us ruff necks. Sorry if I can’t help but laugh. Maybe I’m a ruff neck because I would rather be working out in the dirt bringing a house back to life, than getting my nails manicured.

The trailer for the movie is included below:

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