In The Garden: Purple Queens

I enjoy gardening a lot. You would be surprised also, how many people enjoy having a garden, yet they don’t want to bother with the work that goes into planting, and maintenance. That is where I would come in, with my buckets, shovels, and hoes.

The flowers or perhaps ground cover pictured above are called Purple Queens, Tradescantia Pallida, the Purple Heart Wandering Jew, here in America. They originated in eastern Mexico. They are very easy to grow. Even the stems are purple, and they have velvety purple leaves and small, light purple flowers. These Purple Queens give off a calming effect in gardens.

The best thing about them, is they are practically indestructible, and some of the best plants for beginners to grow. You need to opt for bright light conditions, and they are hardy to 10 degrees. These flowers will come back, here in the United States, year after year. And the fun part about these, is all you need to do, is break a piece off of the stem and plant it in the ground, and it will start growing again. I transplanted these plants to under this tree, pictured below.

So, next year, if you are looking to add some purple color to your garden, why not try some of these. You can order them off of Ebay, and Etsy, or look in your local gardening store.

If you love to garden like I do, and you have the time, put a smile on an elderly persons face, by offering to care for their garden. Its fun to do, and I enjoy making the world beautiful!


In the Garden

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Tomatoes In The Garden

Whomever told me, that I would have to babysit my tomato plants in my garden, and spend hours trimming, and pruning, was so ever wrong! I have literally done nothing to these tomato plants but water them. As you can see in the picture above, I have lots.

What should I do with all these tomato’s? I watched a few You Tube Videos on canning, and I also watched one that skipped the canning process, and did fermentation. Although the fermenting video seemed a lot easier, I decided to go with the route of my mother in law knows best method. If you know what I mean.

My mother in laws method, was to boil the tomatoes until the skins began to wrinkle, after I took out the center cores first of course.

cores removed
boiling tomatoes
wrinkled tomato skin

For me, it took a while boiling the tomatoes until their skins wrinkled up like this.
After removing the tomatoes from boiling water, I let them cool so I could remove the skin.

What you end up with after removing the skin, is nice stewed like tomato’s that I simply put in freezer zip lock bags and placed in the freezer for later use.

Just an idea…

thanks for watching,

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