What Are We Waiting For

My husband has been building houses and working in construction for over 40 years now. My husband is great at construction and doesn’t even need to advertise here in Oklahoma, people come to him, and work is abundant despite the coronavirus. We currently own several property rentals and some land in a small community.

Recently I have been thinking about this land that has been just sitting there. We had a nice chat not too long ago and have decided that we would like to travel in our future and our plans of building a home on this property has gone to the way side. Sure it would be nice to live in a fancy house upon retirement, but honestly, I would rather see the world. I think I have convinced him as well after going on vacation last year and traveling in our small rv that we can get along in a small space and that we don’t need anything fancy.

So as with everything I do, I tend to not procrastinate, instead I push. Being in the healthcare for awhile really woke me up. It is unfortunate that I have seen so many things, especially what happens to us in our later years. I do not want to be one of those people that puts off things for too long before my health fades. I want to live and I want to live like their is no tomorrow.

So yesterday, was the beginning. My husband visited with a realtor about this piece of land that has just been sitting there. I am so excited to finally start a process where we can be moving forward for our future. I do believe my husband finally realized this too, as he came home and thanked me for pushing him on this subject.

What projects have you been pushing off? What steps are you taking TODAY that will be a step forward to your future?

Just thoughts


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