David Ramsey Paying Off Debt Snowball Method

I just love to watch David Ramsey’s podcast. You can do so yourself by watching them on You Tube. For me personally, financial debt causes a lot of stress. If I do not have the money to pay the bills them I become overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. It is not so much these days that I do not have the money to pay the monthly bills, it is the fact, that instead of gambling a few months back, I became an online shopaholic. I traded one addiction for another. Go figure, and I started racking up my zero balance credit cards to the brink of their limits. So now I have more added financial stress.

For me personally, I do not like to owe money, especially for materialistic things that seem at this point, to serve no purpose. So here I am, feeling stupid, having to pay off these credit cards. I am however, proud of myself for not gambling, and for not shopping online. I am focusing my energy elsewhere into writing, and working on remodeling houses.

Below is David Ramseys video on how to pay off your debts using the snowball method. This method works. I am happy to say, I have successfully paid off one credit card, and now moving on to the last three. I have closed the paid off credit card account.

Just to note, Ramsey is correct. Money management is NOT a money problem, it is a behavior problem.

I hope this video can help you.

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