Are we living in a world today where we are questioning our own reality through manipulation? A world where what was once wrong is now considered to be right, and what was right is somehow wrong. Who do we trust? Can we trust ourselves when all it takes is for us to turn on social media, the television, any type of news and their facts and numbers can be manipulated to go against our entire belief system.

What exactly is this type of manipulation? This form of manipulation is referred to as gaslighting. The definition of gaslighting is an insidious and sometimes covert type of emotional abuse where the bully or abuser makes the target question their judgments and reality. I found this basic definition as well as a whole article at this website, please click on this link to read more:

For those of you who have been abused at an early age, this is nothing new, only perhaps now you can have some type of word for it. I personally had never even heard of such a word until a few years ago when I happened across an article that described this type of manipulation.

The key factor in how this type of manipulation works and why it works so well is because it happens to its victims over a period of time no matter what age group you find yourself in. Gaslighting is a type of conditioning because it undermines your entire perception of reality not all at once but slowly and gradually. During the gaslighting process you will often find yourself second guessing yourself, your perceptions, and your memories.

I could go on and on about all of this, but the purpose of this blog is just so that you can become aware of what is happening around us. Do your own research on gaslighting and the psychology of how it works. Get to know yourself better during these troubled times, strengthen your mind if you can and your emotions. The government and big techs are already and have been conditioning us for awhile now. They are trying to erase our history so that they can make up their own history to influence the young.

We are not as weak as we are being portrayed to be. WE THE PEOPLE ARE STRONG! Pay attention to the manipulation that is happening now! Pay attention to the GASLIGHTING in our world today!

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If you or someone you know is being abused please help! Call your local authorities or 911

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Freedom From Fear

I lived in fear all my childhood life. Fear of being hit, fear of dropping my fork at the dinner table and being back handed, fear of what might come next. Living in fear was not really living at all. Fear was something I could not see, but I could definitely feel it in my whole being, everyday. The amount of fear that laid inside me, caused my heart to weaken under the stress over the years.

Today, I see so many people in the world, living in fear as well. The fear of catching the Corona Virus, fear of losing their jobs, their health insurance, their livelihood. Living in fear of the known and the unknown is almost a constant in our lives. Fear can be almost paralyzing, and it can also be stimulating.

Living in fear as a child, I was almost paralyzed to live. Sure I had a few good moments, but looking back, I really did not enjoy much of anything to speak of. It wasn’t until I was sixteen years old, when the overwhelming fear of living in fear built up inside me, and began to unravel. Suddenly I realized I had two choices. To live or to die.

The physical and emotional pain of fear was so intense that dying seemed to be the best option. For years, I just wanted to die. I honestly thought that this was a way of life because I had nothing in my life to compare it to. Little did I know that living was just on the other side of my fears.

To this day I do not know what caused me to get up and stand up for myself one day, except for the fact that my mind somehow told myself that if I was going to die anyway, I might as well give it a good fight. So I did. And something amazingly happened.

Call it a flash of light, a spark of hope, a new unfolding freedom. Suddenly all this fear that I had inside me about dying changed and created a new path to the living. The fear immediately shrunk and dissipated. My whole life now lay in front of me, like a tree extending its branches to reach the sunlight. I could breathe, something so simple that I had been doing all along, but yet now was no longer heavy it was now appeasing.

I still have some fears today. Some of my fears are real and some of them are just fears that I create. Some of my fears are still paralyzing as I felt not to long ago being at the top of a ladder. I could not move, literally. Standing there with my hands gripped so tightly to the sides of this ladder, and crying, all I could envision was me falling. Once again, I considered my options. To live or to die. So with a deep breath, I began to move, and I managed to get down safely to my freedom.

My hope today, is that we can all examine our fears and begin to move. Nothing is more paralyzing than staying stuck in fear and not really living. We do have choices if we just recognize them. Beauty is in life, and so therefore, my choice today is to live.

I want to live, don’t you?

I am a survivor!

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