Fictional Romance Chapter 2 Part 1

It’s early Monday morning and two weeks has past since that dreadful night I spent in his arms. I have somehow managed to avoid Monica and Jet has the two of them have been hanging out relentlessly. A brief phone call from my favorite brother Joe has been warming as usual as he has a tendency to routinely check in on me from time to time.

I no longer work at the diner at the edge of town with Monica. My job now days is at the small nursing home facility where I get to listen to the elderly tell their stories. I find it quite appeasing, but sometimes my heart gets softened when I am holding a hand as they take their last breaths.

You would think that more people would want to spend some time with their parents or grandparents as they lay in bed and count the days until tomorrow never comes. I guess perhaps now days everyone is too busy with their own lives to care about those that no longer serve their purpose. It is a sad place to be in my retrospect to live your whole life only to end it in solitude.

As I check in to my usual nurses station, a strange sense of queeziness to my stomach quickly overwhelmes me. I grab my list of my daily to do’s and head off towards the bathroom. By the time I reach the toilet the sickness fades away. I throw some water on my face, and tend about my day.

Verna is in her usual place in the dining room sitting in her wheelchair, Facing the morning light coming through the only window in the room, she looks at me and smiles.

“How are you today, Savanah?” she asked

“I’m doing okay, how about you, Verna? Anything new?” I say with a returning smile.

“No, just the usual. But I think maybe the winter this year will be coming soon.”

“Oh yeah, why is that Verna?” I asked,

“Because I have been watching the squirrels and they seem awefully busy already. You know you can tell an aweful lot about how bad winter will be if you just watch the animals.”

“Why yes, I have heard about that too, Perhaps later today, I will be able to take you outside, if you feel up to it.”

Verna smiles back in return, and I can sense her joy. Funny how the smallest of things that we often take for granted have a way of bringing delight to those that are unable to do for themselves.

The day quickly goes by and before I know it, its time for me to be heading home. I am caught off guard at the sight of Monica waiting for me in the parking lot.

“Savanah?” Monica says as she is waiting for me by my truck.

“Yes, what is it, is everything alright?” I reply with concern.

“No, Savanah, its not. I’m worried.” Monica says with her voice shaking.

“Why, what’s wrong, Monica?”

“I think I might be pregnant.”

Now standing next to Monica, the sound of my keys hitting the pavement, quickly diverts my attention.

“I am not for sure yet, but I really do think I am!” Monica says while touching herself in her stomach.

“I haven’t felt that great for weeks now, and I really didn’t think anything about it until today, when I noticed I hadn’t had that time of the month.” Monica continues.

“Maybe your just late is all. You know it can happen, its happened to me a time or two. I wouldn’t worry too much about Monica, everything will be alright.”

“No, Savanah. This is different. I’m pretty sure I am.”

“Well, if you are, what are you going to do?” I ask, as I bent down, and picked up my keys.

“I’m not sure, but I know, I don’t want to say anything to Jet or my family, until I find out one way or the other.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t either.” I replied with a hesitant voice.

“Lets just keep it between us, Savanah. Is that okay? I didn’t want to say anything to you, but I needed to get it off my chest. It’s been really bothering me, just thinking about it.”

I told Monica okay, and that I wouldn’t say anything. One quick hug, and she disappeared toward her car. Suddenly I felt what seemed like a good day, grow dim. I couldn’t bring myself to feel anything but more regret.

Fictional Romance


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