Gracie’s Troubles

My dog Gracie has been forever changed since she swallowed a pair of my socks a few months ago. Her stomach is weak and despite her eating her regular dog food, she has a tendency to get sickly often. For me personally this is not a good thing because I tend to get ill feeling as well at the sound of anything vomiting.

So here I sit with my stomach rolling because Gracie woke me up getting sick. 😦

All these troubles make me think about our own mistakes that we make in our lives and how they can affect us throughout our lives. Sometimes we do something to ourselves without realizing the life long consequences it has on us and others.

Their is nothing I can do at this point to change what happened to Gracie. Now days I just have to adjust how I take care of her, and try to manage her weak stomach as well as mine. I never imagined just how high maintenance this all would be however, as I have to constantly monitor what she puts in her mouth.

I have also never had to deal with a dog trying to eat paper as well. I’m not sure if it is something she is craving or if it is just her being mischievous as I discover a half chewed up folder in the office that was holding some paperwork.

Whatever the case may be, her loving, out going full of energy personality has not changed. Gracie will be a year old next month and weighs about 65 pounds now. However, her stomach area where she had to have surgery back when this all happened has changed in appearance. She looks like a mixed racing dog instead of a full filled out lab. But that is okay with me, I love her anyway.

I hope Gracie gets to live a full happy life despite the consequences of her actions that have forever changed her. I hope that we as people get to live our lives happy as well, even though we have made some life changing bad choices. It’s all in the perspective of how we learn to adapt and overcome.

This is my blog for today, and I hope you all have a wonderful week.

My dog, Gracie


Gracie’s Walks

My dog, Gracie

I think its important during our hectic daily lives that we should always take some time out for our pets. We should give them a chance to explore nature, and the great outdoors, to give them some type of release of all their pent up energy as well.

No matter what size of dog we have, it’s good to let them explore and smell the world. It is also a healthy walk for us if we simply take the time. Good quality exercise and a time out from life never hurt anyone.

My dog, Gracie, always gets excited when she sees me grab the keys and or her leash. She heads to the door, and sits down patiently, all the while wagging her tail with the look of excitement. If only she could talk, I could imagine she’s telling me, “hurry up now, I’m waiting!”

I have been fortunate enough to find Gracie the perfect spot not far from town to let Gracie run free. It is during these moments when I watch Gracie take off in a full blown run, that I sense her smile. If only dogs could laugh and yell out loud, I’m sure she would.

Gracie being a retriever, has learned well, and is totally devoted to go after what ever you throw and bring it back to you. Her favorite though, is when you throw sticks into the water. Always anxious to please, she will in no doubt swim with all her might, and come out gracefully. Her paws are webbed just for such the occasion. Chasing grasshoppers has also become a delight as well.

Gracie is doing better these days since the time she swallowed a pair of my socks. She has managed to regain her weight and then some. Although her stomach will never be the same as it was prior to the event, she still wants everything, including paper. I hope someday this will change, but being a dog, perhaps its only wishful thinking, as I found her just yesterday sneaking into the office, and tearing into crumpled up paper. 😦

Gracie still remains one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I only wish I could take her with me everywhere. As work continues to be done on our remodels I have to leave her behind. As I tell her goodbye, and head out to the job, my heart fills with compassion as she chases me down the fence line of her pen that we have built so she can be outdoors. As I fade away down the street I wonder how long she waits and looks forward to our next walk.

My Dog Gracie


My Dog Gracie Gets Schooled


My dog, Gracie, has been learning a lesson about respect. Respect your master, and do what your told, and behave, not like a hooligan but like a dog. Gracie, is my black English Labrador. She is 9 1/2 months old now, and wild as ever. It is my own fault and today I recognize this. Gracie has pulled me down to my knees during walks, she barrels me off the couch, and she has trained me, to follow her command. Well, enough is enough. Yeah, I know, I’ve said this before.

Have you ever watched those dog training programs on tv and been in awe and asked yourself, how’d they do that? Well I do, all the time. Today however, I watched my dog, Gracie be trained by none other than my husband. I guess he got tired of watching the dog control me, and being labor day weekend, he had some time to spend with her.

It was a nice Sunday morning, so he opened the front door to let some fresh air in. When Gracie saw the door open, she immediately went towards it, but all he did was call her back, and she stayed inside. He was persistent and stern and she followed his command.

Later, they both went outside, and he threw her the ball. She retrieved it, and started to wonder off. After a few call backs, she returned. It was that simple. It was some educational entertainment for me, as I sat on the front porch sipping my coffee. However, once when he went in to gather up some more coffee for himself, Gracie heard the neighbors chickens and went to investigate. Before long, he was going and retrieving her and leading her away from the chickens, unharmed of course, and leading her back into the house. After a few verbal scolding’s, which she must have understood, he led her back outside. The chickens were still chirping away, yet, we both watched, as Gracie started to round my neighbors corner, and then turned right back around to us, and proceeded to do what he asked.

Now how many dogs, do you know, can turn down nice young plump chickens? Mine did. I am so proud of her.

I guess I’ve been making dog training out to be too hard. When the fact is, Gracie just needed some direction. We all need some sort of direction, just like planning our days, making good use of our time. I saw a light in Gracie’s eyes, as she had a purpose. I believe if a dog could laugh, she would have. I feel like a proud parent. Gracie learned a lesson about respect and obeying command. I learned how to demand respect and to be persistent about it with my dog, Gracie.

thank you for reading,


Letting Go: In A Dogs World

It’s early Wednesday morning here in good old Oklahoma. My dog, Gracie woke me up with a leap onto my bed. She must have slept good, so as usual, she’s ready to go for the day. I guess sleep time is over for me, so I stumble over to the coffee pot and turn it on to brew. Gracie is already bringing me her toys, for me to throw. Sigh… Gracie doesn’t ever seem to want to let go. It’s a game she plays, and I wonder if she knows, that if she just lets go, I could throw her rubber balls and she could chase them. She could burn that energy she’s got manifesting inside her. But no, Gracie would rather hold on.

We, as humans, are not really that much different, when it comes to letting go of the things we cherish, whether it be the good things or the bad. Whatever these objects are, we tend to hold them close and we will fight to hold onto them, even if letting them go, will take us to another place, perhaps another dimension of ourselves, another journey.

Just a thought….


I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 


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Gracie’s Shortcomings

As I was pulled down to my already skinned up knees again this morning after fitting Gracie, my black Labrador with a new so called non pull harness (yeah, right, whatever), I was quick to be angry, but after some thought, I realized, that Gracie was only reacting out of instinct when she saw another dog approaching her territory. This thought process got me to thinking about our own human nature, mostly mine of course, don’t you know its usually all about me. 🙂

My nature when other people tend to approach me, usually depends on my mood. Sometimes, I tend to greet with a smile, and other times, I sink back, into despair, and reluctantly, hope that whomever it is, that they don’t see me. Really? I’m right there, of course they can see me. I do stupid things a lot, and perhaps that’s why, friendships and me are hard to keep because people don’t understand or so it seems because I am so fickle. I’ve always disliked that word, probably because my step mother slapped that label on me when I was a teenager, but I can see it now. A shortcoming, I am not to fond of myself for.

Gracie has another shortcoming. Gracie, tends to eat anything and everything, literally. I saved her life last month, after she ingested a pair of my socks. Unfortunately for her, the laundry detergent started eating her stomach lining and the first part of her intestines. After some heavy antibiotics and an exploratory surgery topped with a fine couple of days at the vet, Gracie survived. It has taken some time, but Gracie has regained her weight plus some, and she is still trying to put everything in her mouth.

This type of shortcoming that Gracie has, not knowing what harms her, reminds me of a lot of people including myself. I think about all the harm we do to ourselves, all the not knowing better, or perhaps, its inheritably embedded within us. My mother is an alcoholic and my brother has been in and out of prison for drugs, both of which run in our family gene pool. I didn’t get the alcohol or drug itch, but I do have the gambling issue, which I am currently working on. I feel bad that I have gone years without speaking to the both of them, because I have been angry. We are all currently, though, restarting our relationships, but I do it with caution, and I do it out of sincere love because well, life is too short.

I am grateful Gracie is in my life today, as well as other people. Gracie may be, just a dog, but she is also my teacher about life. She may have many short comings, but so do I. I may have been pulled down to my knees again this morning, but I will heal. I should have been more aware of my surroundings, and been prepared, but I wasn’t. A lesson to hold onto.

What shortcomings do you have and what attitudes do you place on other people for their shortcomings? Do you think you could ever learn to stop judging them? How do you look at your own short comings?

Just thoughts


I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 


Thank you for encouragement and support!