Meet, My Dog, Gracie

Now who can resist, a precious sleepy time moment? Isn’t that when dogs are the most innocent? Meet my dog, Gracie! My how she has grown in just a short amount of time.

Today, I’m grateful Gracie is still with me. Gracie had a terrible time in June, when she ate a pair of my socks, and had to be vetted. After several days in the vet, a surgery, and lots of antibiotics, she survived. She did not eat for a week, though, and she was so grossly thin when I brought her home. But, with lots of love, and small meals to begin with, Gracie quickly sprung back to her old self, she filled back out, and continues to want to eat everything.

I wanted you all to meet Gracie, not just because she is so cute, but because if you stick around, you will find that I often refer to her in my writings. Having Gracie is the best thing I have done for myself, she seems to encourage me everyday without judging me. Gracie is adventurous and strong, and some times when I want to do absolutely nothing, I have to get up and take Gracie outside, which is very therapeutic for those of us who have depression.

Gracie is also taking me on a new adventure. I am currently trying to learn the in’s and out of the town city council, in order to establish a city wide dog park. I have never done such a thing as this. I moved to this small town in Oklahoma not to long ago, and adopted Gracie in March. I believe dogs as well as us humans need daily exercise, and so therefore I take her. The walks have been good for both our souls, but lately, there has been numerous big dogs running around loose. Every day it seems, my walks with Gracie are getting shorter and shorter, because we have to stay close to the house, and run inside to escape these loose dogs. I trust Gracie, but I do not trust dogs that run loose.

Gracie, looking out the window

So here I am today, pushing for a city wide dog park. I have picked up the paper work necessary to get this order on the agenda. I have spoken to the city manager, who thinks my idea is great, and much needed. The city manager now is suggesting I come up with a fund raiser to fund the project, say what? So, here I go to learn something I know nothing about. Here I go having to get out of myself and to interact with other people. Maybe, I will be great at it!

I will be posting more about this process as I learn it. If your bored with your life in your own community, try and think of ways you can add to it positively. I watched a tv program where a guy gave homeless people haircuts, now that’s awesome! Never stop learning, now that’s a big one! If you don’t like where you are, then change it! If you need someone in your life that will never judge you, get a dog, a rabbit, a hamster, or a plant!

Thank you all for stopping by and reading! Have a wonderful, blessed day!


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