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Today has been a good day. I had the chance of experiencing something new. Now for those of you who are accustom to reading my blogs I think you know that I enjoy working, working a lot in remodeling houses, fixing up the old, and bringing new charm.

Today I got the opportunity to put some drywall mud onto some old walls filled with old wall paper and holes. Now I had been shown this procedure before, but as with everything I was timid at first. Today however, I got the chance to put the mud on the walls myself.

I had a blast! I wanted to video the process, but quite honestly I could not, for my hands were covered in mud up to my elbows. Putting drywall mud on walls was like icing a cake. Drywall mud is water soluble so no matter how much you get on the floor it will come up easy. It feels like super soft playdough and you use a drywall knife to put it on.

I put the whole box on one wall. Oops! It wasn’t until later that I was told a whole box of drywall mud would do the whole room. 🙁 I am so grateful that my husband has a sense of humor and was able to laugh it off. I bet the You Tube video would have been a hit. If I Could Of I Would Of recorded it for you.

Have you ever been shown how to do something in the form of work and actually enjoyed it? I am so glad I got the chance to experience this, there is nothing more fun than getting your hands dirty, in my opinion. I hope you all get a chance to explore the world and find something that puts a smile on your face! Life is great as long as you live it!

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The Cabin That Built Us Lake Eufaula Oklahoma

It’s been a year now, since I traveled to Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. Lake Eufaula is a reservoir, a very large one. The invitation was exciting, a chance to utilize my self made carpentry skills, as I learned them on my own, to help remodel a small cabin, and turn it into a vacation get away. It was to be just me, and my fiancé’ at the time, (now my husband), him of course being the contractor. Honestly, I had no idea as to what I was getting into. We were to stay in a small rv, which he had recently acquired.

When I arrived, I was shocked. The cabin was not as I had anticipated. It had no floor, just dirt, and floor joist. The walls were just that, no electrical, no plumbing, no insulation, just a frame. The owners referred to the place, as a recently purchased shack. That was exactly what it was!

Now, for all of you, vacationers, who think living on a lake is a dream, let me tell you, the bugs, the bugs, the bugs! I have never experienced so many bugs in my life. Not just mosquitos, and chiggers, but small little tics about the size of a pin needle, that fall from trees, that you never notice, until your laying in bed, and you get the itch. 🙁

It was a good experience for the both of us, especially me. I learned what hard work in the physical world really was. I learned about using nail guns, how to read a measuring tape in a carpenters world, and I learned about roofing, plumbing, and electrical. I love electrical, for some reason.

Now, why I called this post, the cabin that built us, is because I don’t know very many people, that can work side by side, and then stay in a small rv without killing each other for any length of time. We both survived, all though there were plenty of thoughts of doing just that! 😉 But I am proud of us for surviving. We learned a lot about each other, and I learned a lot about myself.

The cabin turned out beautiful. Perhaps in another post I will relocate the pictures of the finished product. I am grateful for the learning experience and even more grateful for the self confidence it gave me. I also learned that I had a lot of fears that I had to overcome, especially when it came to heights! I am also proud of my husband for believing in me, when I couldn’t see it in myself.

The picture above is me finishing the ceiling with tongue and groove. The walls were also done the same way, but white washed, instead of stained.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Sorry I had to cut it short to get ready for work! Another house is waiting to be finished!


I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 

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