Difficult Lessons

First of all, I would like to applaud all of you bettering your lives with education. I personally feel like you can never learn enough, their is always more to learn. I too, ventured on this journey. I was young, and quite honestly, I didn’t attend college the traditional way. I already had children, so I was an adult in school.

College life was fun! College was so much better than high school. You got to pick your classes, and you also got to choose your major. For me, once more, I couldn’t settle for one major, I chose three. I was on a mission back then. I was trying to prove to my parents that I could go to college despite having children. It was one of those things that I was always blamed for between my parents, for them not furthering their own education. Some things haunt you from childhood, hurtful words that you never forget. Sad to say, however, neither of my parents were there when I graduated with three college degrees. 🙁

Now, my point of this blog is this: just because you have a college degree, or three of them perhaps, doesn’t mean that some where down the line, you could lose the ability or means to use them. I feel strongly that each and everyone of us, should require some type of skills, other than what we learn at schools. You need to think about this, the old saying, never put all your eggs in one basket, is so very true, and very wise especially in relations to supporting ourselves.

Their are powers out their greater than you, and you can lose your career. I know this personally because it happened to me. It also happened to several people I know. Their are teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, policemen, just to name a few who have lost it all. So if your going to educate yourself, be sure to keep this in mind. Expand your horizons, think about attending a vocational school, acquire a paying hobby something that could support you in the long run.

Lucky for me, I found other means to support myself. What’s funny about it is that it didn’t require an education. Just a hint but you can make a lot of money with a bucket, a trashcan, a garden hoe, rake, and a shovel. People here in Oklahoma will pay you decently for pulling their weeds out of their gardens, planting their flowers, and doing maintenance. They are more interested in seeing its beauty! It’s definitely a lot of work, but seeing the people smile is the best thing out there!

I hope this helps someone in their future. Never give up when life kicks you down. Bad things happen to good people and some things are out of your control. If you fall, brush yourself off, cry a little, and get back up. And remember, never put all your eggs in one basket!

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