The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction, manifestation, dream big! This is not a new concept, its been out there in the world, for who knows how long. But why does it work for some, and not for others? I wonder about this, personally. After looking into it, I have discovered that I have never known what I truly wanted. I have just wanted to live, and that’s it. I never really looked at my life beyond this point. And the point is, I am living, I am typing this write now, I am breathing, I am living.

People who succeed, know what they want. The actor Jim Carey, wrote himself a 5 million dollar check, 5 years prior to becoming an established actor. He told himself, that was what he wanted, he believed it would happen and he took baby steps to make it happen. He didn’t just dream about it, he visualized it, and it happened. He manifested it.

My youngest daughter has proved that the law of attraction works. She started out enjoying taking photographs. She believed she would be successful as a photographer, and she researched her way to make it happen. She is my youngest child, and in a town full of already established photographers, she is one of the top 3 within her first 2 years of practicing. I still remember when she started, and she was leery of her prices and she thought no one could really afford to pay a higher price for quality work, so she worked for very little. Then she started watching videos of the worlds top photographers and she learned that people would pay for quality work, she just had to say they would, and it happened, because she believed it would. I find that fascinating, don’t you?

One time during one of her visits with me, I also noticed she had an unusual screen saver on her phone. The screen saver said, “Your bank account is growing.” I found that very odd. So I asked her, and she explained to me, that as soon as she believed that her bank account would start growing, it did! Her screen saver was a visual reminder of what she wanted for herself, and in order to manifest it, she had to read it, as if it was happening, which she says it was.

I have included a video for this blog, to help you better understand this concept. My hopes is that you will manifest what you want.

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