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It’s early Sunday morning and I am awake per my usual time. I am always amazed at myself how bright eyed I can feel in the early morning hours. The best time of the day if you ask me my opinion. There will be no solid food for me today, only clear liquids, coffee, tea, and perhaps some broth as I get ready to prepare myself for a scheduled colonoscopy exam early Monday morning.

No, I am not excited. I guess I have reached the age where these types of exams will be necessary to check for cancers. Yearly breast exams have been part of the routine for years now. The only thing good about this upcoming exam that I can see for now is the fact that I will be traveling back to my former town and staying with my children. So a nice visit will be a plus.

The whole point of this blog is this, our personal health needs not to be neglected. Whether we realize it or not, our health, is really all we have. No fame, nor fortune, can ever replace it. I was once told, that if money can fix all your problems then you really have no problems. That statement, is very true.

Our personal health, is our own responsibility. Now this statement by myself of course, is what I believe. Their are so many obstacles, distractions, unfit advisors, telling us otherwise, that we need to pay attention, and make our own wise decisions. We know our own bodies better than any doctors out there, and from my own personal experience, it seems doctors just want to fix us with some type of magic pill.

I am not suggesting that all medication is bad. I am just suggesting that we need to know what works for us. I personally, prefer mother nature over any pharmaceutical company because for one, for every man made pill out there, there is some type of side effect as well. I have seen so many people take a pill for one thing, and then have to take anther pill to relieve the side effects of the original pill. 🙁 By the time its all said and done, you are left taking a hand full or more of pills throughout the day.

Do your own research. Get to know your body and find out what works and doesn’t. If you think the government and big corporations want you to be healthy, take a good look around. Go to Wal Mart and tell me what you see first! As I mentioned in my previous blog, A Battle For Our Health, see link, http://hardtobemeinoklahoma.com/2021/08/27/a-battle-for-our-health/ it shouldn’t cost us more to eat healthy, but it does. Healthier choices in food, shouldn’t be hard to find. It’s like you have to wade through all the crappy unhealthy choices and pay a higher price for the healthy ones. Why is this?

Here’s a thought!

Because no one is making any money if we are healthy!

So get out there, and take care of yourself. Get to know what works best for you. Make sure you get those necessary health screens even when you don’t want to. It is a lot easier to get a handle on a small problem before it turns into a bigger one.

I am by no means a Doctor, so everything here, is just for your awareness and based on my own personal experience. We only have one life, so please take care of yourself!

Personal Health


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A Battle For Our Health

Have you ever noticed from the time you walk into a grocery store, or a store like Wal-Mart, that we are surrounded by bad food. Everything that will fatten us up, make us unhealthy people if we so choose, is standing there staring us down. On the other hand, healthy choices are often high priced, and hard to find. We, as consumers, sadly to say, are almost oblivious to these facts. Why should it cost us more to make healthy choices?

If we as consumers, fall into these unhealthy traps surrounding us, this is how the process works.

  1. Cheap, unhealthy foods tend to make us gain weight.
  2. Being over weight, puts strains on our health not only physically but our mental health as well.
  3. When we are unhealthy we tend to seek out medical doctors and psychologist for our issues.
  4. These entities are thriving financially because of our poor choices.
  5. These entities are growing bigger and bigger and gaining more power over us.
  6. Even the health field is growing because we are searching for ways to improve our physical fitness, thus the increases in the supply for demand.
  7. Unhealthy people tend to live shorter lives.
  8. The cycle continues.

It all seems maddening that we have to pay extra to make healthy choices. If you think for one minute that our governments and big corporations really care about us, I personally, don’t think so. I feel like we are just numbers, and expendable. We are a means to fund their strengthening powers over us.

I wish I had an answer to fix all of this, but I do not. I am just one person, one consumer, striving to be healthy in a non-healthy world. The only thing I can think of at this moment, is to offer some advice. Look after yourself, cause nobody else seems to truly want you to be healthy. Start growing your own food, and buy less of the junk out there. Be aware of what’s going on around us. Take responsibility for your choices and your health.

Just thoughts~


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