If I Could Of I Would Of

Today has been a good day. I had the chance of experiencing something new. Now for those of you who are accustom to reading my blogs I think you know that I enjoy working, working a lot in remodeling houses, fixing up the old, and bringing new charm.

Today I got the opportunity to put some drywall mud onto some old walls filled with old wall paper and holes. Now I had been shown this procedure before, but as with everything I was timid at first. Today however, I got the chance to put the mud on the walls myself.

I had a blast! I wanted to video the process, but quite honestly I could not, for my hands were covered in mud up to my elbows. Putting drywall mud on walls was like icing a cake. Drywall mud is water soluble so no matter how much you get on the floor it will come up easy. It feels like super soft playdough and you use a drywall knife to put it on.

I put the whole box on one wall. Oops! It wasn’t until later that I was told a whole box of drywall mud would do the whole room. 😦 I am so grateful that my husband has a sense of humor and was able to laugh it off. I bet the You Tube video would have been a hit. If I Could Of I Would Of recorded it for you.

Have you ever been shown how to do something in the form of work and actually enjoyed it? I am so glad I got the chance to experience this, there is nothing more fun than getting your hands dirty, in my opinion. I hope you all get a chance to explore the world and find something that puts a smile on your face! Life is great as long as you live it!

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Little Old Ladies

I just love little old ladies. I can’t wait to be one myself. I’ve been thinking about my grandmother most of the day. She was a funny lady. She didn’t know she was funny, she just was. The stories she told me about me growing up where always delightful. The stories she told me about her life where quite intriguing. She always had a mouth on her too, one that never thought before she spoke. She was unfiltered, and canny.

As funny as she was, I really didn’t want to take her anywhere. Why? Because my grandmother had inherited the walking farts. Yes, have you heard of such a thing? Old people tend to talk about their bowels a lot, and my grandmother was notorious about it. But the bottom line was, I could not take her anywhere. She could not hold her gas, her flatulence. I learned this the hard way, once. Walking through the Sears store in a mall, I had to trail far behind, and pretend I didn’t know who she was, has she proceeded through the store, with the walking farts.

Another funny experience I had with my grandmother, was the time I made a boxed dinner, hamburger helper it was. We were both starved, and on our way to our second plates when I noticed we had eaten weevils. Weevils had gotten into the box of food, and I never noticed them cooking. Ugh! I remember running to tell my grandmother who had just swallowed down another bite. My grandmother looked at me, and without hesitation said, “well, they taste good!” Oh my!

I sure miss my grandmother today! What I wouldn’t give to be walking behind the old lady with the walking farts! What I wouldn’t give to share another weevil dinner with her, well maybe? Funny the things you miss about people. Out of all the stories she shared with me, she would be flipping over now, knowing I told you. I’m sure she might be laughing as well.

I hope some where you can relate some humor with this to someone else in your life. We all know, a good laugh is healthy. I need some more humor in my life! Take care, and encourage a smile today!



I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 

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My Dog Gracie Gets Schooled


My dog, Gracie, has been learning a lesson about respect. Respect your master, and do what your told, and behave, not like a hooligan but like a dog. Gracie, is my black English Labrador. She is 9 1/2 months old now, and wild as ever. It is my own fault and today I recognize this. Gracie has pulled me down to my knees during walks, she barrels me off the couch, and she has trained me, to follow her command. Well, enough is enough. Yeah, I know, I’ve said this before.

Have you ever watched those dog training programs on tv and been in awe and asked yourself, how’d they do that? Well I do, all the time. Today however, I watched my dog, Gracie be trained by none other than my husband. I guess he got tired of watching the dog control me, and being labor day weekend, he had some time to spend with her.

It was a nice Sunday morning, so he opened the front door to let some fresh air in. When Gracie saw the door open, she immediately went towards it, but all he did was call her back, and she stayed inside. He was persistent and stern and she followed his command.

Later, they both went outside, and he threw her the ball. She retrieved it, and started to wonder off. After a few call backs, she returned. It was that simple. It was some educational entertainment for me, as I sat on the front porch sipping my coffee. However, once when he went in to gather up some more coffee for himself, Gracie heard the neighbors chickens and went to investigate. Before long, he was going and retrieving her and leading her away from the chickens, unharmed of course, and leading her back into the house. After a few verbal scolding’s, which she must have understood, he led her back outside. The chickens were still chirping away, yet, we both watched, as Gracie started to round my neighbors corner, and then turned right back around to us, and proceeded to do what he asked.

Now how many dogs, do you know, can turn down nice young plump chickens? Mine did. I am so proud of her.

I guess I’ve been making dog training out to be too hard. When the fact is, Gracie just needed some direction. We all need some sort of direction, just like planning our days, making good use of our time. I saw a light in Gracie’s eyes, as she had a purpose. I believe if a dog could laugh, she would have. I feel like a proud parent. Gracie learned a lesson about respect and obeying command. I learned how to demand respect and to be persistent about it with my dog, Gracie.

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The Chauffeur

Gracie looking out the window

My dog, Gracie, apparently thinks I’m her own personal chauffeur. Every time I take her for a ride in the car, she’s content just looking out the windows, but when it comes to arriving at our destination, she suddenly jumps to the back seat, and awaits patiently for me to open the door.

I do not know why she acts in this manner, I have not taught her to jump to the back seat and wait for me, but somehow she must get some sort of satisfaction, at seeing the look of absolute stupidity on my face. I think she knows deep down, she must be the boss.

The funniest thing about all of this, is that if I just stand there with my driver’s seat door open waiting for her, she will not budge from the back seat! Gracie, my black English lab, just looks at me through the glass of the back seat, waiting with her obvious tell-tale expression, like-“Look, you dumb human, I’m waiting, now open the door!” Geeze, I guess Gracie, my dog is training me. Yes, I am the dumb human, I am Gracie’s chauffeur!!!

My dog, Gracie


I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 

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