Bullying the Experience of A Lifetime

diverse classmates bullying hispanic student in university

I remember specifically the one time in my life during junior high school when I was bullied. I guess you might say, if it was only one time, then perhaps I was lucky. It was not just one day that I was bullied, it was by two girls over a certain period of time. One of the girls was the main bully, the other I was guessing was her added support.

I remember being sick for a few days during the school week, and therefore I had taken a leave from school. When I returned to school, I was horrified to find that two girls in my gym class, (physical education) had suddenly decided that I had spread a rumor about them. They were totally incorrect. I was a shy student during most of my school years due to perhaps the trauma I was living with in my home life and therefore I had very little friends. Once the bullying started, I had no one to talk to, and school was no longer my safe haven.

I remember feeling terrified. These two girls made multiple threats about hunting me down and beating me. It is an odd thing to be bullied because suddenly you become aware of your surroundings. I had never even noticed these girls prior to these so called rumors but suddenly I discovered they were now following me home from school. Why these two girls never attacked me off of school grounds I will never know to this day.

Fast forward to several weeks of this torment, name calling, multiple threats on my livelihood, and I was feeling extremely exhausted, until the day-

Remember I said we were in gym class?

Awe, yes, the day my physical education teacher decided we all needed to learn how to play soccer! Call it a God send but somehow it was arranged towards where the two bullies were on the other team. I remember racing around the soccer field when suddenly the soccer ball was at my feet. As I look up and start to kick the ball all I can remember is both of these two girls charging at me trying to steal the ball. I looked down at my feet and with one swift hard kick I swung my foot forward and accidently kicked the main bully dead straight into her shin! Ouch!

It was literally game over! I must have brought that bully so much pain, that she never bothered me again! The truth of the matter was the fact that it was a complete accident, I had no intention on kicking her. And as quick as being bullied began, it was over.

What did I learn about being bullied? Sometimes, you do not even have to do anything to be the target of bullying. Sometimes bullies bully for attention and it is strictly just an intimidation game. Living in fear is one of the most horrible ways to live.


Sometimes God steps in and handles things for you! 😉

Lots of love!


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You do not need other people’s permission to end a toxic relationship. — THE MANIC YEARS

Feeling the freedom on the summit of Whernside, Yorkshire Dales. As I look back over my relationships throughout my adult life, I realise I am finally at that place where I can be proud of myself for where I am today – especially when it comes to my love life. Relationships are complex and whether […]

You do not need other people’s permission to end a toxic relationship. — THE MANIC YEARS

I had to share this post! I absolutely love the detail and the insight! This is the first post I have ever shared on my blog! It is quite a read! I too was a codependent person for much of my life and I struggled with self love. Today, I can honestly say, that I am on the path to healing. It is my hopes that you too can heal!

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Thrifty Stores

white and black cooking pot on brown wooden shelf

One of my favorite past times is to visit thrift stores. Thrift shopping is like going treasure hunting, because you never know what you might find. To me its better than any other store because they are not selective to just certain brands or certain items; its a mix of anything and everything, from clothing, books, jewelry, art, electronics, and much more.

If your interested in clothing and shoes, I would highly suggest you make a thrift shop stop first. I would much rather pay $4.00 for a shirt than $20+ any day at another store. It is not just about saving money either. I have discovered brand name clothes and shoes that are the most unique in fashion.

Baby items is a good one as well, to shop for. I recently found numerous burping blankets, a brand new pair of newborn shoes, and some little onesies for my new upcoming grandbaby. Might I also mention various toys, maternity clothes, etc., for any mother to be.

I have also found the most interesting pieces of art work in thrift shops. Might I also mention, people often donate lifetime collectable items. One persons trash is another mans treasure.

Now I will say that you can find electronics at thrift stores, but I would highly recommend you test everything out prior to your purchase. Some people donate their broken electronics to thrift stores just so people can use the parts to fix things. I have made some unfortunate purchases in this area where I thought I found a treasure only to find it was trash. So, be wary of what you are looking for in this area.

If you are a book worm, you can find numerous collections of good reads. Thrift stores are my go to book stores when I am looking for interesting books. One day, while visiting a local thrift store, I was fortunate enough to overhear a gentle man inform a thrift store employee that he mispriced a book collection because that certain book collection was worth hundreds of dollars. Don’t you know how my ears perked up on that one. By the time I scrambled around the corner to see which book collection it was, it was already taken off the shelves. Dang! Yes, you would be surprised just how many collectors visit thrift stores too!

In conclusion, no matter where you are, I hope you stop and visit your local thrift stores. While traveling on vacation we found some really nice stores! Bigger cities have numerous thrift stores and its a great adventure going treasure hunting. Also small towns have good ones too because they are most likely to let you bargain with them on price. 🙂 Might I also mention if your needing a place to get rid of some of your stuff, think donate before you throw away!

Thank you for reading, happy hunting!

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Fictional Romance Chapter 4 Part 2

Fictional Romance Chapter 4 Part 2

However brief of a moment that his lips touched mine, the sound of a woman’s voice took me by surprise. As Nash cupped his hand up towards his phone and started heading off towards the kitchen, I glanced his way with a smile and headed off into the bathroom.

Once I closed the bathroom door behind me, I glued my ear to the back of the door in order to catch the conversation. To no avail however, the only sound I could hear was Nash’s response.

“Yes, sure put her on.” Nash responded to the other end of the conversation.

“Why hi baby, how’s my big girl today?” Nash responded with what seemed like a pure delightful tone.

As my eyes widened and my ears tried to squeeze down on the flattened surface of the door in order to somehow catch the other end of the conversation, I could now hear the sound of the front door opening and Nash’s voice fade off into the distance.

One look at myself in the mirror of the bathroom, I began to wonder what it was that I was getting myself into.

I couldn’t stay hidden away forever so I decided to join the others outside. Upon stepping out onto the front porch I could see Nash leaning against a tree and smiling with his phone still glued to his ear.

Shall I go over and join him I wondered to myself. Just as soon as my mind started its own debate, Monica jumped up and grabbed my hand and pulled me back inside the house.

“Savanah I must tell you something. I went to the doctor the other day, and I am in fact pregnant.” Monica said in a somewhat joyous tone of voice.

As she stood their still holding onto my hand eagerly awaiting my response, Jet preceeded to walk inside the house.

Just as quickly as Monica had grabbed my hand out on the porch, she let go, turned to me and smiled as if giving me some sort of cue to keep her secret limited to ourselves.

By now Jet was giving us a raised eyebrow kind of look as he headed off into the kitchen.

“What are you girls whispering about?” Jet said in a casual voice.

“Oh nothing Jet, we were just talking girl talk, you know, trying to figure out what to cook for dinner” Monica replied with a sheepish grin in my direction.

“Oh yeah, what did you come up with?” Jet replied.

“Um we were thinking since its so nice out, perhaps you and Nash wouldn’t mind cooking out on the grill, while me and Savanah cook up some fried potatoes and maybe some green beans?”

“That sounds pretty good, what do we have to cook on the grill?” Jet asked.

“Well, I bought a couple of steaks the otherday, they are still in the fridge. I was saving them for this weekend, but tonight will do.” Monica said, as she headed off towards the kitchen.

Just as soon as Monica disappeared, Nash walked back in through the house. Startled. I began to speak with a hesitant smile.

“Everything okay?” as I slid my hands down both sides of my jeans as if to wipe off the anxious sweat.

“Why yes, Savanah, everything is well.” Nash replied.

Just as soon as I could see Nash start to say something else, Jet comes out from the kitchen and throws Nash, Monica’s car keys.

“Let’s go brother, we need to get some charcoal for the grill if we are going to eat tonight!”

“Okay brother, sure thing!” Nash replied as the two of them headed off outside.

I do not know what it was that I was thinking as I stood at the front door watching the two of them disappear down the driveway. All I know, is that my life felt as if it just went from boring to something filled with adventuresome.

As I was taking the moment in, Monica began hollowering at me from the kitchen.

“Savanah, can you help me please?”

“Sure thing, I will be right there!” I replied back as I kept staring down the road to where Jet and Nash had disappeared to.

Walking into the kitchen, Monica was bent down staring into the fridge. “Are they gone yet?”

“Yes they just left.” I replied anxiously wondering what was on Monica’s mind.

“I think Nash has a kid!” I blurted out.

One look from Monica’s face as she shut the refrigerator door, and I immediately wanted to retract my words but it was too late, she heard me.

“What? What makes you say that?” Monica’s lengthy stare overwhelmed my thoughts.

“Umm, well, I heard him asking whoever was on the phone how his big girl was today.” I replied hesitantly as to not give away that I was eavesdropping into Nash’s conversation.

“Oh really? Well, that’s interesting. I wonder why Jet hasn’t told me that?” Monica pauses for a moment and then lights up with a big smile. “But then again, we haven’t really talked much about his brother, we’ve been busy with other things, like well, you know, having fun!” Monica twirls around the kitchen and begins to shake her hips in a nonchalant way as if I needed a clue to what it was she was referring to.

“Geeze, Monica, is that what its all about?” I said in response to her gestures.

“No, but it sure helps.”

Just as soon as we both start to laugh, the front screen door slams shut startling the both of us! One quick turn towards the living room and Monica and I are greeted with Nash soaked down in a sweat and yelling at us to come quick!

To be continued

Fictional Romance


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Me to You My Introduction Video

Hello Readers, today I was stuck inside due to the high winds here in Oklahoma! So I created this video just for you so I could learn the process of video editing, which has been a learning curve. This is my introduction to you in a video format. Just so you know, this is me in the raw form, no prefab script written. ; )

I hope you enjoyed the video. Have a wonderful amazing day!




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