Bullying the Experience of A Lifetime

diverse classmates bullying hispanic student in university

I remember specifically the one time in my life during junior high school when I was bullied. I guess you might say, if it was only one time, then perhaps I was lucky. It was not just one day that I was bullied, it was by two girls over a certain period of time. One of the girls was the main bully, the other I was guessing was her added support.

I remember being sick for a few days during the school week, and therefore I had taken a leave from school. When I returned to school, I was horrified to find that two girls in my gym class, (physical education) had suddenly decided that I had spread a rumor about them. They were totally incorrect. I was a shy student during most of my school years due to perhaps the trauma I was living with in my home life and therefore I had very little friends. Once the bullying started, I had no one to talk to, and school was no longer my safe haven.

I remember feeling terrified. These two girls made multiple threats about hunting me down and beating me. It is an odd thing to be bullied because suddenly you become aware of your surroundings. I had never even noticed these girls prior to these so called rumors but suddenly I discovered they were now following me home from school. Why these two girls never attacked me off of school grounds I will never know to this day.

Fast forward to several weeks of this torment, name calling, multiple threats on my livelihood, and I was feeling extremely exhausted, until the day-

Remember I said we were in gym class?

Awe, yes, the day my physical education teacher decided we all needed to learn how to play soccer! Call it a God send but somehow it was arranged towards where the two bullies were on the other team. I remember racing around the soccer field when suddenly the soccer ball was at my feet. As I look up and start to kick the ball all I can remember is both of these two girls charging at me trying to steal the ball. I looked down at my feet and with one swift hard kick I swung my foot forward and accidently kicked the main bully dead straight into her shin! Ouch!

It was literally game over! I must have brought that bully so much pain, that she never bothered me again! The truth of the matter was the fact that it was a complete accident, I had no intention on kicking her. And as quick as being bullied began, it was over.

What did I learn about being bullied? Sometimes, you do not even have to do anything to be the target of bullying. Sometimes bullies bully for attention and it is strictly just an intimidation game. Living in fear is one of the most horrible ways to live.


Sometimes God steps in and handles things for you! 😉

Lots of love!


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