Fictional Romance Chapter 4 Part 1

Pulling into the parking lot at work, I noticed for the first time that I had a sense of excitement about me. As I punched in to the timeclock I began to count the hours till my shift ended. One quick glance at the schedule and I noticed today was my last day, then I had a few days off.

Verna was in her usual place in the dining room facing the window.

“How’s it going today my dear?” Verna said with a weak smile.

“I’m doing good today, Verna. How about you?” I replied returning the smile.

“Oh I’m feeling a bit restless today, Savanah, do you think maybe later we could go outside?”

“Why sure Verna, I would be happy to get out of here myself. I’ts one of those beautiful days when you just want to enjoy the outdoors.

Looking over to Verna, I couldn’t help but feel her weak smile grow into a full blown grin as it overtook her whole face.

Thats why I work here, and I don’t need to explain that to anyone.

The breakfast trays arrived on time as usual, and has I was in the midst of passing them out to the residents there, I couldn’t help but feel my own hunger pains. The cook on duty always seemed to fry up a few extra pieces of bacon just for the workers. I’ts always nice to have good staff that works together.

Later on in the mid afternoon, I kept my promise to Verna and we headed out into the courtyard of the nursing home. It is a nice little area right in the middle of the building that has picnic tables and bird feeders. Bird watching gives the residents a hobby, one in which I have grown fond of myself.

The small talk was nice, and as we celebrated another residents 93 rd birthday with cupcakes and ice cream, Verna and I were reminded of the small things that bring us both joy.

Before too long, my shift was over, and I was headed home driving Monica’s car. It had been a pleasant day, and the fall colors of the tree leaves against the back drop of the mountains reminded me of why I love this town so much. I couldn’t imagine living any where else and why my brothers all chose to live elsewhere I will never completely understand.

As I drove past the site of where my truck had been stuck in the mud with a flat tire, a sense of excitement and anxiousness overwhelmed me. I could feel my palms getting sweaty as my hands engulfed the steering wheel and like a little kid watching out for Santa my eyes widened looking towards the house.

I could see my pick up truck parked in the drive in its usual location now fixed and ready to go. At the edge of the front porch I could see Monica and Jet sitting on the stairwell both laughing as Jet was pulling Monica’s hair out away from her face.

Looking around, I could not see Nash anywhere, and my only hopes was that he was just inside the house waiting for me.

I quickly gathered my belongings out of Monica’s car and headed up towards the steps of the house, all the while with Monica and Jet giggling back and forth. With great anticipation, Monica stopped me with a brief pause in her giggles and a simple remark that my trucks tire had been fixed. A simple nod of a thank you, and I swung open the front door, and their he was.

Standing in my full blown vision against the light of the refrigerator opened door, he looked at me and quickly smiled.

“Why hello, Savanah, would you care for something to drink?” Nash replied, while handing me a cool frosted beer from the fridge.

“Sure, just let me get out of my work clothes and I will join you.” Heading towards my bedroom and shutting the door behind me, I could hear Nash reply.

“Why sure, I’ll be right outside Savanah.”

As I quickly start to get undressed out of my work clothes and slide into one of my favorite flannel shirts and button down jeans, a quick soft knock on my bedroom door, catches me offguard.

“Savanah?” Nash wispers.

“Yes?” I reply hesitantly.

“Just one quick thing.” Nash cuts off into a silence.

“What?” as I stand there for a brief moment and wait for a response, I crack open my door. One quick peep and their he is with his boyish good looks adorned with a cute dimpled smile.

“I couldn’t wait. May I have your permission to kiss you?” Nash answers.

Without hesitation, I open my bedroom door wider and slide into the strength of his arms. Pulling gently on my long flowing hair, he reaches back onto my neck and presses his firm lips onto mine where we seem to melt into each others souls.

I lose myself into the moment but am quickly brought back to reality with a loud feel of a vibration and the sound of a ring coming from Nash’s phone.

As Nash steps back to answer his phone, I begin to hear a woman’s voice on the other end of the line.

To be continued…

Fictional Romance


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