Fictional Romance Chapter 3 Part 3

Laying there in the silence I hear the soft subtle sound of a knock on my bedroom door. I am hesitant to move but without realization, I go ahead and throw the covers off myself, and head towards the door.

“Savanah, please can we just talk? I will have to go back home tomorrow and I think we need to talk about this.” I hear Nash softly explain as I am opening my door. With his boyish good looks now consuming my wants and desires, he takes me back into his arms.

As he embraces me and I bury my face into the strength of his chest to hide away the tears now flowing relentlessly, I try to reply in return, but no words were to be found.

As he softly caresses my flowing hair, I can somehow feel a trickle of dampness from his eyes as well.

“Savanah, I want you, I’ve thought about you everyday since that night. What can I do to prove that to you? I just didn’t know how you felt about me. Can’t you understand that?” Nash says in a sorrowfilled voice, now gently grasping the back of my neck and pulling me back so that our eyes meet.

“But I don’t even know you. And you don’t even know me. How can you be talking like that anyway? What we had was just a night, right? As I reply and start to continue on, Nash takes his hand and puts up a finger to his lips as if telling me to stop. Without hesitation, we begin a deep passionate kiss that brings the conversation to an abrupt halt. Being taken back by the most beautiful moment, Nash gently moves the two of us onto my bed.

With a brief kiss to my forhead, he continues to stroke my hair, and then engulfs me into his arms where instead of trying to make love, he just allows us to both be. For once in my life, a man doesn’t need to be on the inside, and the overwhelming feeling of being okay with it all brings on a new feeling of not only excitement but some sense of peace. A peacefullness that has been long forgotten but has now renewed itself in its own beauty.

As Nash begins to hum the sound of the song we just danced away too, my eyes close, and I drift off to sleep.

I am awaken to the sound of Monica’s voice standing over me. “Savanah, wake up, come on, I have to get to work, and Jet said your trucks down with a flat tire. I thought maybe you could take me to work and use my car if you need to get to work.”

I look around my bedroom and Nash is nowhere to be found. “Where’s Nash?” I ask sleepishly.

“Jet and Nash are down the road, working on getting your truck fixed but I guess its buried in the mud so they are having to dig it out of the ditch.” Monica replied firmly and in an anxious voice.

“They said it wouldn’t take long, but they just thought, that I should wake you, and let you take my car, in case they run into trouble.”

“Oh, okay.” I gather my work clothes and head off into the shower. As the warm water flows over my body, I begin to smile and start humming the tune of our dance. I feel alive! I feel free! I feel loved!

Hurridly I climb into the passengers seat of Monica’s car. With the music blaring we head down the long drive and I see both Jet and Nash with shovels unpacking the mud from my truck tires. Nash looks over and gives me a warm smile. As I return the smile, Monica looks over and begins to question.

“So what do you think about Nash, Savanah?” Monica looks at me and flashes her painted up eyes with a sarcastic smile.

Before I can return with an answer, Monica chimes in. “ I had no idea his brother was a twin. I think its fabulous! Could you imagine going through your whole life with a twin that looked as handsome as you?

I return a smile to Monica and begin to think about what that must be like. Having another me in the world would be kind of strange yet might be adventuresome. I can only imagine how less lonely I might feel, if I had someone I could talk to, I mean really talk to.

Has we near the diner where Monica works, my mind begins to question, why is Jet here anyway, and why didn’t the both of them move here together. Before I can get the words out, Monica pulls into the diner and grabs her belongings.

“Now you take care Savanah, and don’t you worry. Just go ahead and drive my car home and your truck will be waiting for you at the house. Isn’t it delightful to have some real men around, I mean real men for a change!” Monica closes the car door and heads off into the diner.

My face starts to break out in a big smile. She’s right you know. Having some real men around here for a change does feel amazing. I crank the radio up and head off towards work. The sun is shining and the coolness of the air doesn’t even phase the warmth I feel on my insides.

Looking off towards the side of the road, I see a field of beautiful sunflowers against the rising sun.

What a beautiful day it is to be alive.

To be continued…

Fictional Romance


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