When The Universe Speaks

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It wasn’t that long ago when I experienced a frightful trip to the emergency room after having some strange experience with my heart. I couldn’t breathe, and my heart physically hurt. One moment I was fine typing away on my computer and the next a strong pain wrapped itself around my whole middle like being cuffed with an iron belt. A couple of antacids didn’t make any of the pain go away. What was even more frightful was the fact that my left arm and lower jaw began to tingle.

Once I arrived at the ER, I was looked after by a polite gray haired doctor. His voice was soothing. The nurse on duty, hooked me up to a heart monitor, which began beeping immediately only to show my heart rate was below the normal. My blood pressure was low as well.

Now for me personally, I have had experience with many doctors but this one was different. We connected. Have you ever met people that you just seem to connect with in some weird kind of way? It was as if he knew me, it was as if he knew my whole life’s story without me saying a single word. The only thing I recalled mentioning to this doctor was the fact that the day before, I had been installing a wooden fence on our soon to be new home, and that I had to stop frequently due to being short of breath.

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What the doctor said to me after this, caught my attention. I thought it was completely unusual. The doctor said I was using, “staying busy,” to compensate for not dealing with my real issues. Say what? How does he know I have real issues and what real issues is he talking about? My mind quickly went to the idea that somehow he was saying that being active was unhealthy which I have never even thought was possible. The doctor must have known my mind was wondering off, when he brought up the question of, “do I meditate?” Now how did he know that I had recently purchased meditation books? Again, I have never experienced a medical doctor refer to meditation as a form of healing.

This brings me to the point of this blog. As I sit here today, reviewing my life and recent events, I wonder if the universe is speaking to me? I would give it a definitive yes! I was right where I was suppose to be at that given time, to hear what I needed to hear. Honestly, I was in the process of giving those books away because I had become too busy to really focus on them. But maybe, the universe needs me to relax, needs me to heal, needs me to share with you, my experience so that you too can heal.

What activity do we use to avoid our own self healing? For some of us, perhaps its over working ourselves, for others it my be, shopping, while others perhaps its drowning ourselves into some tv program. I also know some people who spend their days focusing on other peoples problem to avoid their own. Do we take enough time out of our days, to really focus on healing from our past traumas, or even recent events? Do we even realize that we are all dealing with something, some sort of issues, that we need to work out in order to be complete and whole beings? Do we ever pay attention to what the universe is putting right in front of us in order to heal?

Just some questions I thought I would ask as I venture down my own path towards healing. I don’t know about you but I want to be a better version of myself everyday and in order to do this, I should really pay attention as to what the universe is speaking and do as she suggest. What a wonderful life I could have if I no longer suffered from depression and anxiety issues. What a wonderful life it would be to be whole again. What a wonderful life we all could have if we just took a few minutes out of our days to focus on healing ourselves…

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