Gracie and I Meet Arizona

Gracie, in Arizona

Gracie, my black English Labrador, was just a few months old when we headed to Arizona for vacation in early February of 2021 to escape the bitter cold weather that was headed here in Oklahoma. It was to be my first trip out west, and honestly, I was reluctant to go. You see in my mind, the only thing I thought I knew about Arizona was that it was desert land. Who in their right mind, would want to visit the desert, a land full of nothingness? Needless to say, I was totally proven wrong. Arizona was beautiful, one of the most magical places here in America with so many different varieties of plants and landscape.

Cactus plants

Arizona had so many different cactus plants which I found interesting. It was nothing like I had ever seen here in Oklahoma where the only cactus we had were little tiny household plants kept in a small rock filled planter. To see cactus out in the wild with their massive shapes and different variations took on a whole new meaning to the word cactus.

Pine trees

Arizona also had areas of tall pine trees with good hunting grounds for moose and elk. Once again, I thought places like this, were only in Alaska or up in the northern states of America.

Another great scene is here within the Petrified Forrest State Park where you can pull over and look off a shoulder into this vast rocky formations created by millions of years of running water which left behind this beautiful landscape.

Palm Trees

Arizona also had palm trees which I had never seen before except around the oceans.

Lemon Trees

Lemon trees were also quite spectacular to look at in the heart of towns where they not only grew along the highways but people had them in their yards. I couldn’t imagine going outside and picking lemons from my own tree. What a delight that would be to make some fresh lemon pie and tea with lemon. 😉

Tourist gold panning

Their was so many tourist spots in Arizona and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed panning for gold.

Indian shop

You will also find Indian shops along the highway. Here you can find anything from homemade Indian ponchos, blankets, to beef, buffalo, and elk jerky. Yum!

Hiking trails

If you’re a hiker, you will love Arizona. Their are numerous hiking trails. Gracie was amazing on these hiking trails. She enjoyed them and was excellent at taking the lead when it came to getting us back to our starting point.

Sunset in Arizona

So in conclusion, I learned a valuable lesson about Arizona. It is not just desert land. Arizona is home to some of the most spectacular tourist sites, hiking trails, different types of landscape, as well as home to an abundant varieties of plants. I have barely touched on the awesomeness of Arizona here in this blog. I hope you too can go and visit the fabulous state of Arizona. Gracie and I enjoyed it! 😉

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