Fictional Romance Chapter 3 Part 2

orange flames

By the time we reached the house I was shivering relentlessly. I could not tell if I was shaking from the coldness of the pouring down rain, or the intense excitement that was running throughout my veins. Either way it didn’t matter. My heart was beating like it had that night with him around the campfire, where our insides had connected on one of the most deepest levels that I had ever known.

Our hands remained cupped together as if somehow intertwined and magnetic. For once in my life, I didn’t want to let go. I could feel his strength. I could feel everything.

Once inside the house he proceeded to wipe my hair away from my eyes. Standing right in front of me, he appeared much taller than I had remembered. With both of us standing face to face with the left over rain water dripping from our jackets, he began to speak.

“Lets get you dried off Savanah. You must be freezing,” he said with a quirky smile. He grabbed a thick heavy towel that Jet had in his hands, and proceeded to dry me off. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see the fireplace lit, and feel its warmth.

Jet chimed in, “I think I will go to bed now, its been a long day for us, don’t worry Savanah, Nash and I will take care of your truck tomorrow.”

Before I could even reply, Jet slipped away into Monica’s bedroom, and left Nash and I standing there in front of the fireplace.

Alone with Nash for the first time since we met, all I could do was stare at his boyish face. The flickers of dim light coming from the fire and the sound of the country music playing softly in the background seemed to set the scene. Then it happened. The sound of Morgan Wallens’ song, ‘Silverado For Sale, ‘ filled the air.

With one sudden move, we drifted away into a slow step, both melting into each others embrace. His hands moving around the small of my back, and mine melting away into his. No need for words, just the softness of the song.

(both dancing, slowly and softly, against the firelight)

As the radio continues, I could feel his hands slowly move from my back upwards towards both sides of my cheeks. One moment we were dancing, the next his firm lips were on my mine. My thoughts vanished, the world vanished, everything did at that moment. For what seemed like eternity, then suddenly halted.

I begin to pull away. I begin to come back to reality. I begin to fight with my insides yearning, and the anger inside that is now growing. Where the madness is coming from I do not know, but I can feel it.

He struggles to hold on to me, as I move away from his grasp and I reach for my jacket now laying in a small puddle on the floor.

“Savanah, what’s wrong?” he asked in a confused tone.

“I can’t believe you never called me!” I yell back.

“You had my number all this time, and do you think you could just not call and then see me again, and I’d be right back, like nothing ever happened?”

“I can’t believe you, don’t you know how much I just wanted you to call me that night!” I continue on now with my voice shaking.

“I didn’t know, Savanah, you left without even telling me goodbye. You left so fast, I didn’t know what to think. Why didn’t you call me?” Nash returns in retrospect.

“Good God, I didn’t even know your name up until now, why do you think I didn’t call you. It was nothing, that night meant nothing to you or me. It was just, well, something, I don’t know.” reaching back to pull my hair away from my face, I start to head off towards my bedroom.

“Savanah, please don’t go. I didn’t know.” I could hear Nash reply in some sort of childish sorrow filled voice as I close my bedroom door leaving him behind.

The room is now filled with silence. The music has now come to a standstill, and I stretch myself out upon my bed. My eyes seem to be filling up with tears, has I try to wipe them away as if to hide them from myself.

Still somewhat damp from the rain, I shiver, climbing inside the comfort of my covers and I bury my head into my pillow. Close my eyes, and try to forget the night.

To be continued.

Fictional Romance


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