Difficult Family Matters

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If you live in a world where everyone in your family gets along, then I must say, you are definitely blessed. For me, personally its always been a difficult matter. In my family it seems as though everyone is keeping score about who does what for who and who has not done their fair share. Even worse, are the ones who hold onto past resentments and hold grudges, as if anyone can go back and change anything. It is disheartening to have to deal with.

One of the strangest realities of all this disharmony, is realizing that you do not even have to be present, or live in the same town in which your family lives in, for conflicts to arise, come to a head, and bubble over. Why must people push their points of view onto your soul and expect you to act accordingly? Why can’t everyone just get along and agree to disagree?

I know in my heart that I love all the members of my family, no matter what, it is just a given. But I am learning that sometimes I just have to let go of the ones that just want to cause me some type of harm, whether it be emotional, spiritual, and/or physical. I have to protect myself, otherwise I end up so stressed out, and filled with so much sadness, that I am only taking away from living my best life now.

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It is my deepest hopes that somewhere along the ways, that those whom choose to be resentful and hold grudges, eventually come to realize that we are all just doing the best that we can, and that none of us are perfect. We can not change our past, we can only learn to accept it for what it was. I do not believe their to be a soul in this world who feels as if no one has ever harmed them. We have all been hurt in some sort of way. We ourselves, with out a doubt, intentionally or unintentionally have harmed others as well.

So with all this being said, letting go of the ones who choose to continue to harm us, seems to be a necessary part of life, a way in which we must protect ourselves. Apologizing is a good suggestion as well, for things we did to others whether knowingly or unknowingly, and it could possibly save years of someone holding onto their own pain. Whatever the case may be, I hope in time, our family heals, I hope your family heals, and if its not possible, then may we all know we did our best to try.

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3 thoughts on “Difficult Family Matters

  1. I believe you summed it up with that last line (as long as we do our best/try). The fact that you are al least mindful of these issues speaks volumes regarding your good spirit, but like they say “we can pick and choose are families” but we can choose how we want to deal or not with people situations and behaviors. Thanks for sharing my dear, I’m having struggles with a few family members myself, lol.

    1. It has been rather painful and difficult indeed! But the biggest thing that I am recognizing is perhaps, if someone is bitter and resentful about the past that you can not change, then maybe some type of apology will make them feel better. I do not know, but I am going to give it a shot, and if it does not help then I can be at peace with myself and know I tried, and the rest will be to them. I will keep you in my prayers as well. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      1. That’s exactly what I learned and is the key, as long as you know you tried, then let it go . Don’t wear yourself down because some for whatever reasons just can’t or won’t let go of the past.

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