Fictional Romance Chapter 3 Part 1

mysterious spooky lane in dark forest

Work was long and hard. Working double shifts at the nursing home is not one of my favorites due to its high physical demands. When you are short handed moving patients that are unable to walk or stand is strenuous and it doesn’t leave you much time to interact on a personal level with the elderly like they need.

Has I walked out into the parking lot into the darkness barely lit with a single light, it seemed as if I had missed out on the whole entire autumn day. The howling of the wind was the only sound to be heard besides my footsteps hitting the pavement. My truck was parked in a different location than what I had left it, only to let me know that in fact Monica and Jet had used my truck for moving Jet into our home while I was busy with work.

I couldn’t help but wonder how this new living arrangement was going to work out. I have never lived with anyone except Monica since the county came and took the house in which I grew up in. If its anything like growing up with three brothers it might just work out. But then again, it might not, depending upon if Monica is pregnant, and who knows how Jet might take the news.

The drive home was long and it seemed to take forever. I was extremely exhausted and I could feel it in my bones when suddenly my truck veered off into the ditch. I could see the edge of the driveway leading up to house off into the distance so no worries I guess.

Just what I needed tonight!

I could feel the wind blowing much harder than before, straight through my oversized jacket as I opened my truck door. One look at my front drivers side tire and I could see what had happened. Totally flat now, the tire must have somehow worn down to nothingness. I guess it will be morning before the truck will be going anywhere.

I gathered the rest of my belongings and headed out towards home. The night seems eerie now with only the light of a half moon and the coyotes howling off in the distance. With the coldness of the wind billowing through my veins, I start to shiver as a light mist parades down my face.

I managed to reach the edge of the drive in what seemed like hours, when suddenly two dark figures appear heading towards me. From the outline of their shadows it appears to be two men. Frightened I grab ahold of my purse and pretend to reach inside as if I had some means to protect myself.

Before I could make my move, I heard Jet’s voice breaking the silence.

“Savanah! Are you okay? It’s me, Jet!” he yells as he continues moving towards me.

Brushing my cold wet hair away from eyes, I can see, Jet’s face, as well as……

Wait a minute! As I stop dead in my tracks, and barely lit by the moon, I wipe my eyes to see, two of them! Two men, with a boyish face, exactly the same!

I am stuck there, frozen in time. All my thoughts entangled into what I could see right before my eyes, and all my thoughts of the misery that I had kept to myself since that night by the campfire. Every piece of me was unraveling from the inside out.

The cold mist now taken to a downright pouring rain, made no difference. I did not move. I couldn’t. On one hand I was grateful that the guy with the boyish face was not Jet, but perhaps, his twin brother. On the other hand, I could feel a mixture of excitement and guilt as if their is such a thing.

Before my thoughts could conclude anything, the other guy with the boyish face, reaches out his hand and grabs onto mine. One look into his eyes and I could see some sort of smile taking shape in the darkness. With a deep firm voice against the sound of the falling rain, he begins to speak.

“Why hello, you must be Savanah. I believe we have met before. Lets hurry up and get you inside before you catch cold.”

Nodding my head in his direction, I follow his lead never letting go of his hand in mine.

to be continued…

Fictional Romance


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