wonder woman illustration


wonder woman illustration

Ever since I can remember I have been taught that a hero is something or someone with a flashy suite and some type of super power or powers, with some type of skill that I as a human being was incapable of. If only I had a cape to fly, the power of being invisible, the ability to see beyond, and did I mention the incredible strength to walk through buildings.

I was brainwashed into believing that I was helpless, and that my survival would depend upon these super hero’s saving the day, saving me, saving the human race. How could this not be so, if all I ever saw as a child were these action figures, sippy cups, blankets, and anything else that the market could get ahold of to influence my perception of what a real hero was.

Fast forward to today’s modern world, and you will find the government trying to be the hero for the younger generation by paying off their student loans, getting them out of debt, assisting them with food, paying them monthly to stay at home, the list goes on. Did I mention your crimes can be forgiven as well? No need to be independent and learn to be a productive member of society when you have us, the government. Right?

It is a sad fact that when you examine our past and present that none of these so called hero’s influence anyone to think and do for themselves. How are we expected to believe in ourselves when we are taught socially to depend on outward resources?

I am personally grateful today that somehow and in some way despite all the negativity and harm that has been a big part of my life that I am truly able to recognize the fact that I don’t need these so-called hero’s. For the only hero’s that I recognize are the common ordinary people within our society that risk their own lives to save others. The people that get up and go out into the world and strive to be productive members of society despite the fact that they could be paid to stay at home, these are the real hero’s. The men, women and children out their that take a moment and help someone do something that this person couldn’t do for themselves, these are the real hero’s that I see. The soldiers that sign up to protect us from harm, these are the real hero’s. The individuals that stand up and protect us from the bully’s out their, these are my hero’s. The person that could go with the flow and report a lie but yet chooses to risk their own career and livelihood, to speak the truth, these are my hero’s. The list goes on and on, but one thing you will notice, is the fact that none of these have flashy outfits, and special powers. These hero’s are you and me.

It is my true intention to bring some light onto this subject. One of the best inspirational quotes that I can relate to on this subject matter is the one that states, “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves,” by perhaps one of the biggest rappers of all time, Biggie Smalls. We can’t change the world unless we change our way of thinking and doing. We can be our own hero’s by teaching ourselves to be okay with ourselves, that we are enough. We are resilient. We are strong and beautiful in our own way.

These super powers are not those that give us the ability to fly, see beyond walls, and give us incredible super human strength. These super powers are defined as: having compassion, showing human kindness, and loving each other as well as ourselves. We need to teach these skills to our children before its too late. These are all within our reach inside of us, let us not forget. Here is a reminder of where we are headed if we don’t stop looking outward.

I hope you enjoy this video as it captures the true essence of this blog!

Thank you for reading!

Now get out their in the world today and be the hero!

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