For The Birds!

brown bird flying towards birdhouse

Bird watching is an enjoyable relaxing hobby. When I was young I developed a deep love for birds. They always seemed so magical and entertaining to observe. When I was around 9 years old, my dad made me a birdhouse to place in our backyard, so that I could look out the window of my bedroom and watch it. I must have stood at the window for hours everyday watching a little blue bird make its nest, raise its babies, and fly away never to return again.

My grandmother had a love for birds as well. She had a little yellow canary that she named, Tweety. Every morning, Tweety would sing to her. She kept it in her living room in a beautiful cage. I would often help her clean the cage, and fill up its feeders, and gaze at it, as it took a morning bath. Tweety provided my grandmother with much companionship and entertainment in her later years.

close up shot of a yellow canary

Their are so many birds in the world. At one point in time I found myself raising Love Birds, finches, and cockatiels. I must say however, if you have young children, I would NOT recommend raising Love Birds in the home. Their is a reason why they are called Love Birds. 🙁 I personally found it Not appropriate for children to watch them mate.

As we get older in life, most of us tend to settle into our lives, and find more time for bird watching. Their are so many books available for just such a hobby. I use to have a very colorful book, beautifully photographed of all the many species of birds. Somehow it got lost over the years. 🙁

Among bird books, their are also bird feeders, and crafty birdhouses that you can make or purchase to place around your home. Their are even bird feeders that attach to your windows. Hummingbird feeders are very popular here in the United States, although it is recommended now that you skip the red color dye that people use to put in the sugar water.

hummingbird perched on bird feeder

So in conclusion, their is no better day than today to start a hobby bird watching.

I hope you find bird watching as entertaining as I do. Bird watching is a relaxing enjoyable hobby for any age. Please consider the elderly and disabled too, I have found, that bird watching provides them with comfort and eases the sense of being alone. It also does wonders for their personal health and helps keep them active!

Thank you I hope you enjoyed this blog!


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