Divided We Stand Divided We Fall

I was a complete frantic mess yesterday. The early morning hours were spent surfing the net, and reading all the political madness in the world. It’s enough to drive anybody’s anxiety levels up if you ask me. My usual routine of getting to work and getting things accomplished was ultimately delayed because I felt so unsafe in our modern world. However, in the midst of it all, I made a startling revelation.

Depending upon which political party you choose, you will see supposedly factual information that is very persuasive. How can their be two truths, for example- to the 2020 election results? Is their not, just one truth? It is to no surprise to me, that everyone is divided.

This leads me to another conclusion. Politics is perhaps a game of persuasion, and whomever has the best props associated with your core values usually wins your vote. We the people will most likely, never really know the real truth. Why? Because unless we are the ones actually counting the votes ourselves we can not prove anything.

So with this in mind, I finally decided yesterday, to turn the politics off. There was nothing that I could really do as an individual so therefore, I went about my day.

Today I choose not to worry about something I have no control over. What will be, will be. We are all different and unique and we don’t have to hate each other over our differences.

I hope today you find some peace in your world as I seek out mine.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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