Every Dollar Counts

Let me start by saying that David Ramsey has been a big influence in my life and how I manage my money. David Ramsey is a financial advisor, whom I enjoy watching his podcast on YouTube. I have had the pleasure of listening to his personal story with great enthusiasm. I find it personally entertaining has he too admits that just having a financial degree, did not prevent him from making personal mistakes. He learned his lessons the hard way, by living life. He started with nothing, made a lot of money, and then lost it all. David Ramsey, learned from his mistakes, and currently shares to the world, the to do’s and what not to do’s when it comes to our finances.

One of his concepts is to give every dollar, a purpose, an assignment. In other words, every dollar we have, counts.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a shopping list and come out spending way more than you had anticipated? Absolutely! Have you ever gone to the grocery store with a shopping list, stuck to it, and come out feeling great? Yes! Our money, your money, needs a purpose too!

As I sit here today, looking over my own finances, I was proud to discover that I have been making some headway on paying down my own credit cards! Somehow, with a small income, I have managed to pay off almost $1250 in 3 months and now instead of 4 credit cards, I only have 3!

Seeing the proof that you can be successful even with a small budget to pay off debt is inspiring! I was able to do this, because I too, gave every dollar I had an assignment at the beginning of each month, and made a budget, and stuck to it. If I can do it, so can you!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get my husband on board yet. I do not know why, but hopefully soon, he will catch on. He has a nasty quick shop habit. One of those habits, that he just has to have that high priced drink from the quick shop on the road, instead of waiting until he reaches his destination. For me, I carry a bottle of water for my thirst. And if I want some coffee on the road, I’m smart enough to bring a thermos full.

I find that unplanned spending is our culprit! I hope everyone watches the video so you can be successful too!

Below is the YouTube Video of David Ramsey!

Thank you for reading and watching! Have a wonderful day!

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3 thoughts on “Every Dollar Counts

  1. Dave Ramsey is awesome. He has helped so many people. I read his book years ago. You are making great progress with your credit cards. Husbands can be hard sometimes. I know my husband, Dan, will say, “oh, it’s just – some small amount – I’m not worried about that.” But that’s not how I think! Sometimes I disagree, sometimes I just stay silent. 🙂 Another great source of financial advice is Clark Howard. He has a website clark.com and a podcast. I have been listening to him for years, and he has saved me so much money and taught me so much. Good luck with your finances!

    1. Funny! I am rarely silent, it’s not my best trait 😉. Being in a relationship is like a game of chess ♟! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and information as well. I will look into it! 😊

  2. When you’ve been hard up, counting every pennyis a hard habit to drop. But now there are only two of us to feed (and the dogs) I go to the supermarket every week with a list, and I still come back spending more than I expected! 🙁
    But the days when I used to transfer our debt from one credit card to another whenever an offer of 0% interest came up are thankfully over. Although I still use credit cards, I know I can’t afford NOT to pay off the entire amount every month, so I’m no longer spending what we haven’t got; I’m just hanging on to it for a while after I’ve spent it.

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