We The People

If a political party in government is NOT for their own people, then they should not be in control. Period. Who are these people that support them? In my own opinion, that is the same as not caring about your own home and caring more about your neighbors home.

If a political party opens the border to their own country allowing the unvaccinated no background check in its own country, without regard to its own people while enforcing its own people to be vaccinated to work, travel, etc., something is wrong! And, might I mention, all the while, their own homes owned by the government including the White House, are surrounded by fences and security, what is it saying to its own people? Who supports this political party?

What is the truth about anything for that matter. Will we ever know? We live in a world where the truth is based on which ever political party you listen to, right? Which ever political party has the most props, coercion techniques, money, power, enforcement, psychological warfare, wins the game, right? Give that a thought!

As for myself, I have NEVER in my lifetime, felt more unsecure, unprotected, ashamed, about my own country than I do today. The 2020 election damaged this countries whole thought process on the voting system. Why even vote, if your votes do not matter? Why vote if the results can be manipulated to serve a political parties agenda?

If you do not believe in your own countries foundation in which is was built upon, then take your agenda and go find yourself a nice little island and create your own country! Get out of mine! There has got to be plenty of people like me out there who enjoys their freedom and doesn’t care to have their God given civil liberties taken away by anyone!

Governments are totally out of control. This has been going on behind the scenes for years. Mega corporations are totally out of control as well. The biggest problem of this all, is that we feed them! Yes, we do! We buy their phones, we fill their websites, we provide them personal data, we are stupid people. What gives a social network company the right to ask me about my health? What gives a social network company the right to ask me if I vote? What’s even sicker is the government trying to pass a bill that will make the banks report to them your transactions, deposits, and withdrawals. Talk about the government trying to control us! It’s all happening folks!

Wake up people! This is not just an American issue, this is a mankind issue!

Just thoughts!


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