Who Are We Talking To?

I remember the days when you could call a company, business, corporation, hospital, office, etc., and get a live person. Although some of those phone calls might have not went well, at least we knew who was on the other end of the line, a live person. Now days, making the exact type of phone call is like a game of roulette, you never know if you are talking to a live person or a robot, i.e. bot.

I did not realize how bad and common this situation really was until a few weeks ago when my husband called a local company and he put his phone on speaker. Over hearing the conversation, I could hear my husband making jokes with the so called representative and I noticed that his jokes were left with a pause in the conversation in which he was then redirected to his question.

After several attempts to get his point across, the so called representative finally got what he was saying. After the phone call ended my husband hung up his phone and said out loud, “thanks bot!” Say what? To me his conversation appeared to be with a live person. Nope. My husband said “If it were a live person there wouldn’t have been the pauses, and the so called representative would have showed some type of personality. The robot, or bot, would have figured out what I was saying from the beginning.”

Why are companies choosing to do this? I do not see any type of gain. Does it really save time? This type of communication only brings me frustration. In my own opinion, it only defeats its purpose and desensitizes the whole situation. I feel it makes the companies appear small, uncaring, and honestly it does not help out with the shortage of jobs out their for people who need employment.

We are living in a sad world today. Just with this one issue alone, we are wiping out our own civilization. I applaud those companies who still have live representatives. I would like to thank you for your sincerity and for keeping things real.

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One thought on “Who Are We Talking To?

  1. Oh my, I can totally get the frustration behind having one question for the bank, but having to type in so many numbers before I can be connected to a real person, and even then, I sometimes can’t dial the numbers because my option isn’t there, and once I get a real person, I’ll have to be transferred again. So yeah, what a world we live in.

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