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Well, its getting to be that time of year when fall is beginning to set in. It is a nice cool day here in Oklahoma and I am grateful to have a much needed break from the 100 degree temps. I only wish I felt better so that I could enjoy it. It is nice though to have the windows open and to smell the fresh air.

The garden was the first of many to come for my husband and I here in this small town. I have had small gardens before in my old town, but it was the first one that my husband and I did together. We had lots of things grow, and some things that didn’t.

The first trick that my husband showed me was to make rivets for the water to flow. The rivets are so that you can lay a water hose down and it will travel throughout the whole garden area without touching the leaves of the plants. This system is great for strengthening the roots. It works great and is much needed especially when the winds blow and during the hot summer months when water is scarce.

Rivets, the channel made in between the plants for the water to flow.

We planted corn and squash, zucchini, beets, green beans, lettuce, lemon cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes. I found some eggplants that went on sale later in the season but they did not do well. I also managed to get ahold of some tomato plants that were going to be tossed out from the local stores and they seemed to thrived. We also planted a few watermelon seeds. These grew too, and were very delicious.


I do love yellow squash, but we had so much of it, that I am now squashed out. Our squash did not get as big as some that you find at the grocery stores, but it was still good. I learned however, that squash needs to be picked before it gets too big, otherwise you end up with a chewy dry bumpy vegetable. Yuck!

I also enjoy zucchini, perhaps more than squash. I absolutely love to make zucchini bread and it is very tasty. However, we made the mistake of planting the zucchini next to the squash that took over. The plants look very similar with their yellow flowers, and by accident we ended up pulling the zucchini out instead of the squash trying to thin the squash out. 🙁

The bell peppers were okay, but the bugs managed to get to them before we did for the most part. They also got buried underneath the over grown tomato plants which took over the other end of the garden. To top that off, I did not listen to my husband when we were planting and I did not make the rivets like I was suppose to, so the plants could get the necessary water. OOps!

Bell pepper plants

I will mention the corn, because the corn was outstanding. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures. We planted two different types of corn, one being a golden corn and one being a yellow corn. To my surprise, the golden corn was the better of the two.

Now, lets talk about the tomatoes! I had so many tomatoes, I still have tomatoes! And although, I have grown quite tired of the garden and have pulled most of it out, 1-2 tomato plants still remain. Don’t ever worry about how bad a tomato plant might look at the store upon purchase cause trust me, if its going to survive it will. I brought home 9 sick looking tomato plants one day that were going to be tossed out by the store and planted them along with our other 6 tomato plants that were healthy and they all survived but one, hence, the overload of tomatoes!

tomato plants

As you can see, some of the weeds thrived as well. 🙁 I did learn too, that if you pick the tomatoes when they are still green you can put them in a paper bag in a dark place and they will ripen on their own.

There is nothing more satisfying than planting your own garden. Something about putting a little seed in the ground and watering it and watching it grow is pleasing. However, keeping the weeds and bugs out of the garden is no easy task. Gardening is work! Gardening can also be very relaxing as well. I was grateful to see all the bees this year in my garden. What is interesting is there was more bees here than my other much larger town.

Next year, the garden will be at a new residence that we are fixing up and going to relocate to. I will surely miss the view outside my windows in this home as in the new home we will have surrounding neighbors. 🙁 I will build a tall fence though, and the much needed bigger space and bigger yard is something I am looking forward to. My husband has informed me that next years garden will be including pumpkins and that we will have a magnificent pumpkin patch for the community to enjoy! Hmm, my thoughts exactly.

I hope you enjoyed this blog on the garden. I hope I included a few useful tips to help yours as well in the years to come. If you have any tips please feel free to share. Thank you for reading.

In the garden


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  1. What a beautiful garden. My garden was destroyed by hail and bedbugs. We do not use pesticides and therefore everything has been eaten by insects and destroyed by storms.

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