For My Fictional Romance Readers

I have written 3 parts to my fictional romance series and I am calling on YOU! I do not know if I have very many fans yet to speak of, only one that has stated their interest so I am asking for your input.

Is the series worth the read?

Is is intriguing and keeping you entertained?

Do you care for the characters?

Are you curious about what will happen next?

I could come up with so many questions here, because, well, I enjoy asking questions in general. Honestly, my own input is this- I enjoy writing it. Writing this series is much easier than I anticipated. I have read the first 2 parts to my husband and he thinks Monica is amazing. LOL.

I do have more to write and share. The main character does have a name I just haven’t shared it with you yet. LOL.

Any thoughts? All comments good and bad are welcomed, it is important for growth.

One more very important thing is this.

PLEASE SHARE! Please share my story somehow somewhere for others to comment on! I am rather new here to blogging so I am currently in the process of building my fan base.

I appreciate everyone of you bloggers and those that read and comment. I do enjoy your comments and it helps me to know who you are as a person and it sheds some light to your personality. We all need each other here, and without each other we would just be writing to the air.

Thank you for your time~

Fictional Romance


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