The Lion Sleeps Tonight

What is it about childhood that makes us get so wrapped up in certain songs, songs that we would otherwise disregard if we weren’t so little when we found them? I had two songs that I would play over and over, these being, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and the Rhinestone Cowboy!

The Lion Sleeps tonight was my utmost favorite! I can still see the 45 record with its red label spinning around the record player as I danced my way through it. I believe I wore the record out! Although the song made no sense to me, I still loved it, and when it was brought back to life with the movie, the Lion King, I was over joyed to see my own children appreciate it.

Listening to the song tonight brought back so many memories for me. Something about music can take us back to a certain place in time, even back to a certain age. Although my childhood was not that pleasant, listening to the music, helped me escape from my troubles.

I often wondered about the song, The Lion Sleeps Tonight and who wrote it. After doing a little research on You Tube I came across this video.

I am grateful his family eventually got compensated. I am also grateful that his song has brought us so much joy!

The movie the Lion King was one of my children’s favorite movies, and honestly, it is one of mine. I can laugh today about the music, as I think to myself, how even back then, I knew a hit when I heard one.

Thank you, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, for helping me get through some tough times in my life. Perhaps I will share in another blog later, about the music, The Rhinestone Cowboy!

Stay tuned!


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Below is a clip of the Lion King, it’s funny, its still today, a must watch!

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