My Mind My Jungle

My mind is not setting easy today. I feel lost, without direction. What is it, that provokes our thoughts to sway towards confusion so early? I do not know. Weekends should be filled with joy and relaxation, but not us, for we have projects that have projects. It gets so confusing as to which one to choose, which one to do, and which ones to put off. The end results of having too much, nothing gets done. So very sad, but true.

When you work so hard during the week for everyone else, and then the weekend hits, and you begin to feel the excitement of accomplishing some of your own doings, it feels like a torrential rain. Fit to be tide, I want to move, but my mind starts in again, lost without direction. A jungle perhaps, a mountain to climb, a waterfall to dodge through.

But on the more positive note, the morning air is cool, the view outside the window is nice, the dog is calm and napping. It is so easy to get sucked into the tornado of negativity, but once you force your mind to look at the bright side, it manages to calm the storm, and to allow a peak of light amongst the trees. Did I mention the coffee is good today as well? 🙂

Breakfast will be made soon, and the smell of crisp bacon will fill the air. The neighbors chickens are croaking, and perhaps my mind will settle. I wish you all the best this fine Sunday morning, as for mine, it is beginning to find some calmness. I feel better, sharing some of my craziness, my world, my thoughts, my over reactive thinking, as I type away, and feel your warmth of friendship.

Take care world, friends and neighbors. I hope you all can get a break as well from all the madness that dwells on the inside of us. Hold close the finer things in life, and when your mind leans towards the jungle, take a moment and just stop. Give your thoughts a positive direction by looking towards the little things that make life good. Enjoy your coffee, enjoy the sweet smells, and enjoy the light.

Just thoughts,


I am blessed to be here and if my work is helping you in anyway all contributions are welcomed! Thank you in advance. 

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Thank you for your encouragement and support!


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