It’s A Tuff World

Some days I feel like I’m the windshield other days the bug! Which is it today, I don’t know. It’s been a tuff couple days that’s for sure though. I have no idea where all this disharmony is coming from.

Sure having children, relatives, family members, friends can be a positive thing, but today nobody wants to get along. The whole world doesn’t seem to want to get along. That rainbow in the sky is dissipating. Sigh…

Sadly to say, I’m hiding out in a crowded parking lot, by myself. Too much noise elsewhere. The feeling of peace in my soul is gone.

We cannot control other people’s attitudes, resentments, or even what they think about you. We can only control ourselves and even that sometimes is difficult. But today I will not join in with all the negativity. Sure my feelings are hurt with angry words, but I will survive. I will not retaliate. I will just sit in my own company.

Love yourself people. Love yourself enough to stand strong. Stay true to yourself. Forgive others even when it’s the most difficult. Do not carry their burdens. Give time to time to heal.

Have faith that better days will come. And love yourself the most during these days….

Just thoughts-

Bridgette ~

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