Letting Go: In A Dogs World

It’s early Wednesday morning here in good old Oklahoma. My dog, Gracie woke me up with a leap onto my bed. She must have slept good, so as usual, she’s ready to go for the day. I guess sleep time is over for me, so I stumble over to the coffee pot and turn it on to brew. Gracie is already bringing me her toys, for me to throw. Sigh… Gracie doesn’t ever seem to want to let go. It’s a game she plays, and I wonder if she knows, that if she just lets go, I could throw her rubber balls and she could chase them. She could burn that energy she’s got manifesting inside her. But no, Gracie would rather hold on.

We, as humans, are not really that much different, when it comes to letting go of the things we cherish, whether it be the good things or the bad. Whatever these objects are, we tend to hold them close and we will fight to hold onto them, even if letting them go, will take us to another place, perhaps another dimension of ourselves, another journey.

Just a thought….


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My dog Gracie

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