Gracie’s Shortcomings

As I was pulled down to my already skinned up knees again this morning after fitting Gracie, my black Labrador with a new so called non pull harness (yeah, right, whatever), I was quick to be angry, but after some thought, I realized, that Gracie was only reacting out of instinct when she saw another dog approaching her territory. This thought process got me to thinking about our own human nature, mostly mine of course, don’t you know its usually all about me. 🙂

My nature when other people tend to approach me, usually depends on my mood. Sometimes, I tend to greet with a smile, and other times, I sink back, into despair, and reluctantly, hope that whomever it is, that they don’t see me. Really? I’m right there, of course they can see me. I do stupid things a lot, and perhaps that’s why, friendships and me are hard to keep because people don’t understand or so it seems because I am so fickle. I’ve always disliked that word, probably because my step mother slapped that label on me when I was a teenager, but I can see it now. A shortcoming, I am not to fond of myself for.

Gracie has another shortcoming. Gracie, tends to eat anything and everything, literally. I saved her life last month, after she ingested a pair of my socks. Unfortunately for her, the laundry detergent started eating her stomach lining and the first part of her intestines. After some heavy antibiotics and an exploratory surgery topped with a fine couple of days at the vet, Gracie survived. It has taken some time, but Gracie has regained her weight plus some, and she is still trying to put everything in her mouth.

This type of shortcoming that Gracie has, not knowing what harms her, reminds me of a lot of people including myself. I think about all the harm we do to ourselves, all the not knowing better, or perhaps, its inheritably embedded within us. My mother is an alcoholic and my brother has been in and out of prison for drugs, both of which run in our family gene pool. I didn’t get the alcohol or drug itch, but I do have the gambling issue, which I am currently working on. I feel bad that I have gone years without speaking to the both of them, because I have been angry. We are all currently, though, restarting our relationships, but I do it with caution, and I do it out of sincere love because well, life is too short.

I am grateful Gracie is in my life today, as well as other people. Gracie may be, just a dog, but she is also my teacher about life. She may have many short comings, but so do I. I may have been pulled down to my knees again this morning, but I will heal. I should have been more aware of my surroundings, and been prepared, but I wasn’t. A lesson to hold onto.

What shortcomings do you have and what attitudes do you place on other people for their shortcomings? Do you think you could ever learn to stop judging them? How do you look at your own short comings?

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