The Chauffeur

Gracie looking out the window

My dog, Gracie, apparently thinks I’m her own personal chauffeur. Every time I take her for a ride in the car, she’s content just looking out the windows, but when it comes to arriving at our destination, she suddenly jumps to the back seat, and awaits patiently for me to open the door.

I do not know why she acts in this manner, I have not taught her to jump to the back seat and wait for me, but somehow she must get some sort of satisfaction, at seeing the look of absolute stupidity on my face. I think she knows deep down, she must be the boss.

The funniest thing about all of this, is that if I just stand there with my driver’s seat door open waiting for her, she will not budge from the back seat! Gracie, my black English lab, just looks at me through the glass of the back seat, waiting with her obvious tell-tale expression, like-“Look, you dumb human, I’m waiting, now open the door!” Geeze, I guess Gracie, my dog is training me. Yes, I am the dumb human, I am Gracie’s chauffeur!!!

My dog, Gracie


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