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Good morning to all from here in Oklahoma. I just love it, when I wake up with a fresh mind, and small snippets of ideas, Positive ones too, I might add. Let me start by saying that yesterday turned out to be a good day for me, no form of acting out, no extreme major depression issues, and it was time well spent with my fiancé. I still had thoughts of insecurity though, but I did my best not to act out on them.

Yesterday we managed to travel to Dodge City, Kansas, and explore Boot Hill Museum. We had been to Dodge City before, but this time instead of gambling our lives away in Dodge City, we actually enjoyed one of its main attractions, the museum, as well as the small free city zoo. No gambling yesterday, and that’s a pretty good thing, for gambling addicts.

Now, the point being in all this, we didn’t arrive to Dodge City early, it was more like the afternoon. Yesterday morning, was a sort of a mess, because we struggled with direction. What were we going to do with our time on a Saturday? We both wasted our whole morning, sitting around looking at each other. My insecurity level was high, as well as my anxiety. With both of these in mind, perhaps that why today, I woke up with some ideas.

Bridgette, “You need some structure, some organization, some discipline, some sort of purpose, and you need to set some goals for yourself!”

Wow! These were my first thoughts this morning, as I rolled out of bed. These, Little Snippets of ideas, actually are what woke me up! I do want a good life for myself, I do want to feel better, and I do want to be a better person. I’m tired of feeling lost and hopeless. I’m tired of feeling insecure about who I am. The list goes on and on in my head, but I’m excited to be in this place today. I’m grateful for a more positive attitude.

So, my first goal this week, starting tomorrow morning, is to start digging into myself, setting some short and long term goals, define my purpose, and strategize a more structured, disciplined life style.

I am sitting here filled with excitement! Today, is going to be a good day too! Now, I need to go now, and walk my dog, Gracie. I need to map out my day.

I hope this blog gives you some encouragement as well. What’s your plans for today? Whatever it may be, I hope you do it with purpose and a smile!

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