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Hello, and Welcome to my WordPress site, Hardtobemeinoklahoma! My name is Bridgette~ and I am happy to meet all of you. I was born and raised here in Oklahoma. I have also lived a few of my teenage years in Texas as well. The slideshow below is pictures of the many faces of me and are for a reference if you are curious about who is writing these blogs!

I started this blog because I have always enjoyed writing. I have written poetry, music lyrics, and have done some journaling. Sometimes writing comes easier than speaking.

Below is my Menu.

You can also find my menu at the top of each page by clicking on the 3 horizontal line icon. You can see there my latest post, comments, navigation tools, most popular blogs, and stat hits. You can also choose which language you prefer to read my blogs in!

If your interested in reading more about me, you can click on my About section.

I have also started a Fictional Romance category in which I will be turning into an E-Book. If you enjoy it, and would like to support me on this endeavor, please click on the Fictional Romance Support Page!

Your presence is always welcoming, and I hope you will keep coming back. As I grow in writing, I will be updating this page.

I also have a best friend named Gracie, who inspires a lot of my writing. I think she is absolutely beautiful and she is also full of adventure. She is an English black Labrador, and I learn a lot from her.


Below is a list of the categories for my blogs. As you can see, I am a multi niche’ writer. I hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to leave comments!

I would love to hear from each one of you, so please drop me a line, by clicking here, to reach my contact me page. Please feel free to like my post, share with reference to my website, subscribe to my blogs, and don’t forget to follow me!


P.S. Here is a great video to watch for you fictional romance readers!

Please feel free to critique-any feedback whether positive or negative is welcomed!

If you would like to support my website, and my blogging here at:, all donations are greatly appreciated. All donations will go towards my active participation, the yearly subscription cost of maintaining my website, and the quality of my work provided to you, the reader. And might I mention, all the coffee I drink while I write! 😉


Thank you for your encouragement and support!


Now that you have reached the bottom of this page, I would like to thank you once again for stopping by. Below is my favorite quote by D.H. Lawrence, that I thought I would share. Have a wonderful day, or night, and stay blessed!


Lots of Love!

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