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Hello, and Welcome to my WordPress site,! My name is Bridgette~ and I am grateful today to be here. I was born and raised here in Oklahoma. I have also lived a few of my teenage years in Texas as well. The slideshow below is pictures of the many faces of me and are for a reference if you are curious about who is writing these blogs!

I started this blog because I have always enjoyed writing. I have written poetry, music lyrics, and have done some journaling.

Some of my personal achievements are: Associate Degree in Science, Associate Degree in Nursing, and a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology.

Also, I feel it’s important to note that I am a suicide survivor, as well as an incest survivor. I suffer from major depression, PTSD, and anxiety issues.

I have many strengths as well as weaknesses.

My writings will reflect personal experiences, my thoughts, fears, and whatever else I wish to share.

Below is my Menu:

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Your presence is always welcoming, and I hope you will keep coming back. As I grow in writing, I will be updating this page.

I also have a best friend named Gracie, who inspires a lot of my writing. I think she is absolutely beautiful and she is also full of adventure. She is an English black Labrador, and I learn a lot from her.


Below is a list of the categories for my blogs. As you can see, I am a multi niche’ writer. I hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to leave comments!

I would love to hear from each one of you, so please drop me a line, by clicking here, to reach my contact me page. Please feel free to critique-any feedback whether positive or negative is welcomed!

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Now that you have reached the bottom of this page, I would like to thank you once again for stopping by. Below is my favorite quote by D.H. Lawrence, that I thought I would share. Have a wonderful day, or night, and stay blessed!


I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.

A bird will fall frozen from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

D.H. Lawrence, “Self Pity”

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